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  1. The acceptance of the professional foul - -if it's in the middle of the pitch as taking one for the team. - it's simply a form of cheating,
  2. The Great Drinkell

    Ipswich v Peterborough

    Not sure their penalty was one either, the linesman/assistant didnt give it.
  3. The Great Drinkell

    F.A Cup

    Could of been worse we could of bought Heaton as cover for Krull in August and he's now out for the rest of the season.
  4. The Great Drinkell

    VAR officials for Palace...

    Does the offside rule still state a player standing in an offside position - if so then it should be the position of the feet not the shoulder, ear or any other part of the body. It would also be easier to draw a straight line across the pitch without the need for these vertical lines up to other parts.
  5. Howson's volley v Forest, i've yet to see a better volley.
  6. The Great Drinkell

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    I'd suggest he'd train along side the best not "play" .. which is exactly my point - before being sent out on loan to a championship side. only going on his past record. seriously think Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea would be a better option for any young player
  7. The Great Drinkell

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Why would Ben or any young player want to join Jose - look what he did to Luke Shaw and the team he managed at Chelsea. If I was advising Godfrey ( which I'm not) I'd tell him to keep his head down carry on at Carrow road for this season and then see what happens from there. - he won't get this experience in the Spurs squad.
  8. The Great Drinkell

    VAR - F*ck off

    Why not adopt the Cricket/Tennis system, where teams have a certain number of reviews -made through the Captain. would James have ask for the decision to be reviewed yesterday - I don't think so as he, nor any other united player appealed for the penalty. It would also stop the game being stopped consistently for "checks"
  9. The Great Drinkell

    Max off with an injury

    Just been watching England u21s, all 3 of our boys played a part. Unfortuately Aarons took what looked like a knock to his knee making an excellent last ditch challenge Doesn't look good on first viewing.
  10. The Great Drinkell

    Max off with an injury

    Looks like it was his ankle but he went down holding his knee.- apparently not to serious? - but I'd be inclined to rest him on Saturday too
  11. Is that right NN, is that from 10 years ago! I can remember it like last week. I'm sure we ll look younger now!! Do you ever hear from Billy? he was a top bloke. Picks this week Bristol Rovers to bet Acrrington Stanley ( Who are they) BTTS Coventry V Blackpool. Good luck To the pickers.
  12. Good morning all, My pick this week is Macclesfield to beat Stevenage in League 2 For the match bet I feel we desperately don't want to go into the international break in the bottom 3 with Man city to come after it so a hard fought point and a 2-2 draw As always wishing the pickers the very best of luck.
  13. The Great Drinkell

    Maddison and Mings

    Had to chuckle to myself when Dean Smith commented about his recent "eye" catching performances. - I'm sure he was being genuine.
  14. It's Fulham to Beat forest for me this week please. And after last weeks excellent effort on the match bet by the picker not me. i'll suggest Leitner to score anytime. good luck pickers
  15. Happy new season everybody hold on tight it might be a bumpy ride lets enjoy it. My bet this week is Hull City to beat Reading For the match bet its a head over heart matter and I can't see us getting anything from this match Sorry but its a 4-0 home win for me Good luck to the pickers
  16. The Great Drinkell

    Play Off Final, European Finals & England Games

    3-2 either way normally about 20/25-1 so a decent return.
  17. The Great Drinkell

    Come on Ipswich Town - We're Waiting!

    It might be the Sheffield clubs belong to the same city whereas our neighbor aren't a city and not even from the same county - why would they be congratulating us or us sympathizing with them I don't really understand the OP
  18. The Great Drinkell

    *****Official Match Thread v Wigan*****

    Surprised in one way but not in another. If we can keep it tight first half - if needed we have top quality to bring on if needed
  19. The Great Drinkell

    John Ruddy

    Not for me - the shot was taken very quickly. Great finish
  20. The Great Drinkell

    Birmingham City.... - 12 points?

    Bolton out of the league and Brum reduction of 12pts - this couldn't mean salvation for Ipswich and play offs for City... that just couldn't happen could it?
  21. The Great Drinkell

    WACCOE meltdown 😂

    The 3 best teams are pulling clear of the rest, I hope all 3 go up ...but as we've been to the new Wembley I'm happy to give one of the other teams the opportunity this season.
  22. After the seasons ended and the vultures are swooping around our squad - if the club was to say that they had to listen to "ridiculous" offers but guarantee to keep one player - who would your vote go to and why.
  23. The Great Drinkell

    we are guaranteed to keep one player

    That's not allowed Midland, the scenario is only one is guaranteed not to be sold, com'on no splitters in the bottom.
  24. The Great Drinkell

    Going up in Africa.

    Ricardo - do you mean Kilimanjaro or gas hill, either one, is no mean achievement but one gets better kudos than the other
  25. The Great Drinkell

    Leeds v WBA

    I'd of taken Leeds getting 3 points this week but the bonus is WBA get none.