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  1. I think 12 mil would be about right any less and i would be gutted
  2. I think some of you are being a little hard on him, we have played some of the best teams in the world. I watched the game on telly and yes holt didnt do that well with his passes but he got about well and made some great tackles. Its very hard against Arse to keep the ball because they close you down very quickly. I watched them play Middlesbough the other day when Middlesbough were 3-1 up and then lost it, Middlesbough looked as though they were giving the ball away to easily but arse were very good at closing them down and not giving options for them to use. Not only can they stop the other team playing as soon as they get the ball they make it look so easy, it has such an effect that the other team are made to look stupid. This will take confidents out of the other team. Thats why there one of the best team in the world and there is not alot anyone can do about it. As a team i felt we did very well yesterday and we kept going, we even started to play like them at one stage ( the build up towards Hucks shot second half ). Even though Holt may have been the weakest link to the team yesterday does not mean he is not going to cut it. Thoughs who dont think he can, take your hat off to one of the best teams in the world and see what the next 3 games bring. I think he is tring to improve his game and believe he will. otbc.
  3. braintree canary are you living in paulsgrove by any chance.
  4. I have heard a few times that Lewis is going to be the next best thing, so with worthy knowing that we will get loads of money for Greeno and maybe have an even better goalie. I can only see this as being a fantastic way of keeping Norwich where they belong. OTBC.
  5. totally agree, aint there that young lad Lewis he would fit the bill.
  6. We don’t need to spend millions cos it don’t make no difference. Look at chelsea, liverpool, man c and the present man u side, who have all spent big. Now look at portsmouth, bolton and birmingham its about working hard with what you’ve got. When pompey went up I never thought they would beat man u and draw against arsenal away. We can do the same if we stick together and the team works hard. Us fans can play a big part in staying up, the pompey fans were fantastic for their team last season and they won a lot of there home games. Yes we need more men and that is what worthy is doing and he is bringing the right ones in, the ones that won’t damage the team that got us here. Sod the money I would have never expected us to spend 5-7million its time to start believing in what we have. OTBC.
  7. You can get sky sports 1 2 and 3 from ntl, but that 50 min thing everyone is on about is only available to sky subs im i right by saying this. If so im going to go to sky instead. Please help cos this needs to be sorted asap as there are only 6 weeks left (I WELL CANT WAIT). Have already ordered 43" screen TV so i can watch all the NCFC games without missing a thing, just need one of thoughs beer fridges now. Anyone with a season ticket would be well jelous!
  8. hi olster1 If you cannot make the mid week games then give us a shout cos i would love to go and watch the team i love. The mid week games would suit me fine as i have to work most saturdays anyway(hence no season ticket). I promise that i am a good supporter and that i would love to borrow your ticket. Hope you enjoy south coast Brighton is a great place. My email is richard.rayner@ntlworld.com let me know please mate.
  9. Sorry just had to remind myself. Its actually happening!
  10. We are gonna get well p*&s!d hope the web team come up with meeting place!
  11. Im going to get tickets for the Preston game. I think a few others are as well, but Norwich post codes have no chance.
  12. Does this mean they could miss the Preston game or are they only going to play part of the game. Hope it wont effect the Norwich thats all im worried about. Well done to them both they soooo should be in the Scotland squad.
  13. How much money will Norwich get if we win the league and how much would they get if they finish second. Ive read on the pink un web page, about how much a club gets for thier position in the premier league. But im not sure how much teams get in the first division, is it lots of money?
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