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  1. Champ manager is saying goodbye to your degree, social life, girlfriends...! which is why i dont bring up to uni with me! If i remember correctly, i am currently england manager after taking norwich city to the champions league with....                                    Gallacher Colin   -   Billy Jones (£3m rejecting offers of £18m from Chelski)  -    Shackell   -  Jelle Van Damme (£1m gone to chelsea for £12.5m)                      Flamini (£5m)   Hargreaves (£15m) Van Persie (£6m)                                                 Rooney (Promise of free harry potter books)              Eddie Johnson (£7.5m)  Ashton OK i may have fiddled the accounts a little bit.... and got rooney in a way that wld make a tapping up affair look angelic BUT with the right formati, first season, flamini on loan, do everything you can to get billy jones, you are away... Drury has an impressive first half of the season, sell him to chelsea for about £8m and then jelle van damme what a player! off load greeno and keep gallacher in there he becomes a good goalkeeper. and do fiddle the accounts just a little bit to get that extra boost, puts you in debt for a little bit but you get back into profit quickly and everyones happy, after it is a performance based sport...! van persie, hargreaves and do not, emphasie, NOT sell billy jones, sell him, the team falls apart...
  2. I dont post on here often, but i have now decided to add my vote for worthy to go. I am sad that i have to say this, and while i think worthington is still worthy, and has a bright future ahead of him, i feel that he seems to have upset too many players. Mcviegh and Huckerby included. Also, the sell of jim brennan, a player i always rated as a left back, midfield without giving him a chance to perform was stupid. Thank you for the good times Worthy, you took us to levels that we wouldnt have dreamed off when you took over, but it is time for you to go. By the way, dont boo the players or worthington! They are all trying their best for the club and im sure worthy knows that he is very close to the axe... If by some miracle, Worthy hands on to the job and gets us into the premiership not this season but the next, then ill be the first to eat my words, and for some reason not that suprised, but it IS time for him to go!
  3. Born in Hull, Cambridge bred. now at the University of Leeds meant to be doing this library task thing, ill do it when i understand it!
  4. Due to disciplinary reasons, this must shed more light on why worthy used him so little and decided to let him go. I rated mulryne but maybe his off-field antics were too much for worthy...
  5. My favourite memory of Eadie was when i was mascot back in 1997 (i was 11 then) and he played with a groin strain. I didnt think much of it until last year of secondary school i strained mine and i literally couldnt kick a ball so i spent most of that year on the sidelines or in goal as i was so desperate to play. That showed his dedication to norwich city! Any more memories and so on, and anyone going to the match on saturday? so gd to see him play again
  6. yeh thats exactly what i thought wen i read the draw DD. but i think the premiership survival should be the priority this season, wouldnt mind a run in the FA cup tho...
  7. We are not the biggest team in the premiership, we are the first to admit that. Arsenal would have thrashed newcastle on that performance last night. I am very proud of the way we committed ourselves to that fightback and i thought we deserved ti win. Didnt anyone see his comments before the match about norwich city? It was almost as if he wanted to come back. As for his comments on rooney, that shows that he does not believe that he is better than rooney... Just lay off the guy and give him a chance, he is a wonderful talent with no brain. As for that ''fight with edworthy,'' i think the norwich players over-reacted, just ever so slightly? Anyways, Norwich perform like they did last night, i honestly do not believe we will have any problems staying up and docherty, he continues to surprise me!
  8. You cannot tell us all that and not tell us who its going to be - the description sounds vaguely like a certain chris sutton but tell us!!
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