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  1. I know some people will read this and think "Leave it out Pincer" but he''s now tormented the defences of 3 of the 5 so called top Premier League teams, and I believe if he carries on throughout the season the same way he''s started it, Mr Eriksson may just take him into consideration. I mean let''s face it we have not got a regular England player who’s effective or even comfortable playing out on the left so i''d love to see Hucks given a chance just to show what he can do. Is this feasible or am I just talking with my Norwich head on??????
  2. If he comes to Norwich i''ll raffle my season ticket. He will never come here in million years.......well not at this moment in his career anyway.
  3. I can''t see us getting James Beattie or Kevin Phillips, nice thought though Wiz.
  4. I''d go for Ashton. He''s been well schooled at Crewe and his all round game is better than Harewood''s including his finishing which is top notch. But to be fair Harewood isn''t a bad player either so i wouldn''t complain if we did get him, i''d rather have him than Scowcroft.
  5. Well, not much more I can say than what''s in the title. Does anyone else agree?
  6. Can someone explain why Gary Megson, Alex Ferguson, Mike Walker and Rodney Marsh should be on Norwich most hated list? Gary Megson - Was part of the most succesfull squad in NCFC history and was brought back as manager when the club were in the worst financial state i can remember. I never understood why he gets booed when he returns on match days. Mike Walker - the most successfull manager in NCFC history. Although he didn''t have a great second spell that''s no reason to hate the bloke. Rodney Marsh - Since Delia Smith came on Soccer Saturday rather merry last season he''s been a fan of the club and hopes we''ll stay up. Alex Ferguson - God knows what he has done to upset the club. Or is this a personal dislike of the bloke? I just find these strange choices. The others mentioned i can understand though.
  7. Personally I feel Keown would be an excellent signing for us, even if it would just be for a season or two. As i''ve stated before on this message board, one of my major concerns for next season is that our defence lacks any Premiership experience, the signing of Keown would certainly put an end to that issue. Also, i''ve read people saying he is slow, Keown is not slow. Keown was always very quick for a big defender, ok he may not be as quick as he used to be but i''m sure he''s still faster than Malky and Flem. It''s ok saying "we need someone younger", but good youngsters who would do a job in the Premiership are hard to come by and when somebody is available they: A) Tend to cost quite a bit of cash which I don''t think we''ll have. B) Will be sought after by a lot of other clubs who i''m sure will have more spending power than us. Keown would be relatively cheap, he''d be on a short term contract so wouldn''t be too much of a problem if we did get relagated and most importantly of all he would bring valuable experience to the defence. Personally I don''t think he''ll come here anyway, I think there''ll be a queue of Premiership clubs fighting for his signature, most i''m sure offering more attractive deals (MORE CASH) than us, but you never know, "The Rash" could yet be gracing Carrow Road next season.
  8. This has got to be a wind up, he''s slower than Malky. This one is a definate no from me.
  9. Come on guys, help us out on this or we''re gonna get relegated, and we can''t have that can we. http://www.playforyourclub.com/?56299
  10. I cannot believe i''m reading this thread. All I can say is get real.
  11. This was also mentioned in today''s News of the World
  12. Not sure how many of you saw Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports 1 this morning but Tord Grip was a guest on there and when Chris Kamara asked him "Is it now a straight race between Walker and Green for the 3rd choice goalkeeper spot?", and after probing him a little more Grip''s reply was "Well Leicester are no longer in the Premiership". Now read into that what you will but that statement tells me they''ve already made their mind up to take Greeno.
  13. I''m really glad someone had the foresight to bring this thread to everyone attention once again just to see how pathetic certain posters have been over the course of the season. However, to be fair to Wiz he wasn''t the only one to create such ridiculous threads (although he was responsible for most of them), if anyone can find some other idiotic posts eg ''Worth Out'', ''Get Rid of Worthy Now'' i''d like to see them, i think the people who created them should be named and shamed along with Wiz.
  14. We can''t stick with the same squad that got us promoted because: A) As Zipper stated Nigel will have to contend with this ridiculous transfer window next season and won''t be able to see who can cut it and who can''t until January. B) We''ll get murdered. One thing that I haven''t seen mentioned is that we''ve had a lucky season with regards to injuries, we haven''t really had any. If Hucks, Green, Holt, Flem had all been out for a few months I doubt very much we''d have been celebrating automatic promotion. Think what''ll happen next year if we don''t add to our squad and pick up some injuries, personally i''m trying not to. Sorry DIM, forgot about the reserve keeper, which I agree is also a must. So that''s 5 good players (inc reserve keeper) and I think we''ll be ok. I wouldn''t want to see too many more brought in as I believe it wouldn''t be good for team spirit. One thing we do have is a great team spirit and bringing in too many new faces at the same time may compromise that. The one thing that does worry me is who will be the leader of the dressing room now the Big Man has gone. He was a massive voice in the dressing room and he was also the leader when they all went out on town in the evenings. I can''t see anyone obvious to take over that mantle which to me is a big worry.
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