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  1. Fleming - OUT Edworthy - OUT Holt - OUT Drury - OUT Stuart - OUT Mulryene - OUT Brennan - OUT But who will we get to replace them?
  2. Linked with a 600k bid on the BBC GOSSIP column. This has been mentioned before on the this site. Would this be a good buy? personnally I dont think so
  3. He''s only 21 so when out on Loan previously he was only a boy! maybe he''s improved but....................... I agree we need better than what we have already Surely we need a decent centre back and a creative midfielder
  4. Says he wont''s to go back to Middlesborough but we could try.. Nice loan signing until the end of the season! Would definately sought our midfield problem
  5. Excellent point Pranston Bickle. There''s no point splahing out £3m on Ashton if for every gaol he scores (we hope) we conceed one the other end. The question is do we have any cash left, although we have room for another loanee Any thoughts.... I like jaghelka (spelt wrong but the Sheff Utd Centre Back) although he might cost a quid or too. Henchoz is still floating about and might be a suitable loan target but his wages might be a problem. Who else is out there, Harry Rednapp seems to have bought every premier league defender not currently playing!
  6. This is most welcome news.......... however we need to complete the jigsaw Hopefully we have found the remedy for our lack of goals....... but We do have the second worst (I think) defensive record in the league and this also needs to be rectified... any thoughts, need a decent centre back... time for more rumours If we have any money left! possible loanee  I commend the board on another gamble may it pay off!
  7. Ashton and Henchoz! Yes Henchoz he could do a job for us and is currently seeking a Premier Leagur Team too! with NW cheek we could probably get him for 250k wages might be  problem but worth a try! Ashton is the ONLY answer to our goal problem why waste money on anything else!
  8. You seem to forget parachute payments Quality players will get you back in the premier league if you go down and keep you init! We have Quality players, Green, Huckerby and Francis and I am sure we could and psossibly will sell these players if the books do not balance i.e. Green MC your thinkin is totally inline with the board and it is this kind of mentality that will always keep Norwich down. Now is the time to apply causious speculation! p.s. There are no Dragons ouside of Norfolk!
  9. Lets face it we need quality or nothing We need a striker and centre back who can help us avoid relegation and do the same next year and thereafter. If we do get relegated then these players need to have the potential and quality to get us up next year and then keep us in the Premiership. Why buy some 500k OKish player who we will need to change out later on i.e. Scowcrofts, Zamora''s etc...plus we have the additonal burden of their wages. Buy Quality Example:- "Huckerby done exactly what its says on the tin!" Buy Okish Example:- "McKenzie we now need to buy another striker!" We need a couple of others and time is not on our side. Buy Ashton 3m get relegated then sell him for 4m!
  10. Unfortunatley Fleming at fault for the second goal this is becoming a common theme! So Why? Is the boy not let loose on the Premiership we have the second/third worse defensive record in the league at the moment Is it that he is that good that Worthy is waiting until after the transfer window so we keep him until the end of the season? Thought Helveg looked good today..... Charlton our man of the match I seem to remember him getting his knickers in a twist once or twice
  11. Templeton what people want and what people get are two different things 1.5m is a fair price he wont go for more than 2m..its worth a try The reason people band high price''s around and say there interested in certain players is to keep the prices up so teams like Norwich are priced out of the market when in fact they have no intention of paying that kind of money.
  12. Swap Doherty with Jagielka from Sheff utd and a little cash 250k Dean Ashton from Crewe for 1.5m Let Helveg go to Odenese on a free or a 100k and get someone half decent in on loan.... Petit etc... Every team needs a good spine
  13. I believe Jagielka would be a good buy and with Sheff Utd sniffing around Doherty we could do a part exchange!
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