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  1. you see at the end of the web address where is says: Adepto=grant%20holt%20A''%20Norwich%20City change the name grant%20holt and replace it with your own name and you could be moving to Benfica!
  2. how about for Siberski:   He''s old, He''s bald, he''ll score us lots of goals Siberski
  3. attacking you will be solid you wont Well, that will be a 50% improvment on what we have at the moment! [;)]
  4. He''s just been appointed as Leicester Manager!
  5. yeah but sadly he has just signed for £1m for Derby!
  6. So by proven you mean the 1 goal then and the massive wages demands he will have? Yeah i can see why we MUST have him.
  7. Ahhh, yes that''s right. Thanks for the pointers.
  8. ok, i have them all except right wing, i can''t think of anyone except Jonson. any clues please
  9. Well, Rossi Jarvis is probably the only other central midfielder we have so it''s got to be worth giving him a game. It''s not like it can get much worse can it! Hopefully Safri will be back for the Luton match and they can have a run out.
  10. He has been one of probably 3 players that have been good for city: Safri, Doc, Ashton The Doc has looked so much better now he is playing in his preferred position. Now all they both need is decent cover from midfield and then they might stop hoofing the ball up the pitch. I''m sure the only reason they do this is cos they know the midfield will give it away too easily, although it comes back almost as fast when they hoof it.
  11. surely it would be better to take the team away and try some team building activities, try and get some team spirit back, and get them to fight for each other.
  12. I think the main reason there have been so many captains is because of injuries. Hughes would have been captain for all the games if he had been fit.
  13. Just a quick question Robert, how do you know he didn''t try and get him? KTF
  14. I think this is an occasion where Worthy has to say he thinks we''ll finish in the top 2, if he''s realistic ie playoffs will be lucky on current form, then people will slaughter him for not being positive and lacking ambition, but then he says he thinks we can get top 2 and then people say that he''s not being realistic! I am sure we can get the playoffs and maybe second if we get Safri and others back to bolster the squad. We need an amazing run for most of the season, but we have done it before when the chips are down. KTF
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