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  1. He''s a player who can create something out of nothing. Sounds like what we needed today in a very dull game.
  2. I''m sure there was some people swearing when fighting outside the West Ham ground! i was just using that as a point that it could be worse and adults can take it much further. So can''t be put on certain ages.
  3. When i''ve been watching the Doc i have been a fan of his because of his loyalty and wins a lot of headers etc. However at least once a game he does something that makes me wonder how he plays at this level, it could be one of his many slips or clumsyness. If he did a mistake once every 10 games or something then i might be able to bare it but its become to be a common thing. So i think either way it should probably be Nelson or another replacement, unless the Doc changes his ways with some miracle!
  4. I''m afraid i wasn''t there on Tuesday so i don''t know about that. But you are always going to get that at football grounds as you said, on the street yer thatis stupid and everything. Im not saying they are innocent or anything. It can be adults as well though was what i was saying, id rather have some swearing than what took place between West Ham and Millwall (a very rare example i know, just stating that it could be worse even if swearing on the street isn''t right).
  5. I don''t think all the bad language is due to ''youths.'' I think there have been some adults swearing as well, should we limit the amount of adults going into the game too and complain. I am 19 years old so not exactly a youth and i think it''s unfair to narrow it all down to ''youths.'' Yes there are bad language with youths but there is with adults too so it goes both ways.
  6. im listening to the game but i missed who he said is captain for us, anyone know?
  7. Did he have any good saves to make? or was it fairly routine?
  8. [quote user="lordyfan"][quote user="YoungCanary"]Possibly the most pointless post ever but hey![/quote] its called a sense of humour!. Maybe when you''ve gotten a bit older you might develop one [/quote] Top joke though! I am quite old enough to have a sense of humour cheers!
  9. Possibly the most pointless post ever but hey!
  10. Just wondering what you all think about the current keepers we have to choose from? Theo - quite clearly isn''t looking like he''s going to get another chance, looks like a bit of a waste of time. Rudd - decent youngster from what i know but don''t know too much about him. Alnwick - looks ok but not exactly solid Seems different compared to the times of keepers such as green, marshall, or even gunn. These were the keepers who could make a save that would inspire the rest of the team and lift the spirits and voices of the crowd.
  11. Cureton needs support though, it makes it even harder for players when they''re struggling when their own fans aren''t giving them a good reception, especially when he loves the club.
  12. From what i''ve seen hes lost a lot of weight compared to before, gave the team some needed passion to the team and created soem chances for our strike force
  13. [quote user="olej"]GK Michael Theoklitos DF Gary Doherty DF John Otsemobor DF Simon Charlton DF Thomas Helveg MF Robert Eagle MF Mark Fotheringham MF Matthew Gill MF Andy Hughes ST Peter Thorne ST Chris Killan[/quote] Some people have hughes in it, i don''t agree. He may not have been the most naturally skilled player (in any way) but his passion and effort is something that i for one miss at our club today with some of the players
  14. [quote user="Apoptosis"] Theres only one paul lambert, one paul lambert, He won 7-1, so we fired the gunn, We walking in a Lambert wonderland.   I put this up the other day, we''ve sung it at Brentford and on Saturday, but no one joins in, we just get abused. I really don''t think its that bad. [/quote] Thats a gooden! need to get people involved
  15. Didn''t think i''d be able to say this about a defender but he had a brilliant performance against Sunderland. Won a lot of balls in the end and intercepted at crucial times, as well as supporting the midfield. Makes you wonder even more what Roeder was doing as he told him he had no future! OTBC
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