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  1. Ah, but our man is a genius. Allardyce and Mourinho are just ordinary managers ekeing out an existence in the Premiership.
  2. SYSB, nobody is forcing you to visit this website and read these messages.
  3. Selling Malky? That was another fine decision made by our genius of a manager. I wonder how many more master strokes he will pull off before he takes his talents elsewhere?
  4. We shall have to agree to disagree then, Trent. My interpretation of this latest statement still concurs with Yankee''s and you won''t change my mind. It''s obviously a bit of positive spin to try to sell the delights of 2nd tier football to us all. Yankee hits the nail bang on the head when he asks why didn''t the club contact Colchester and Southend privately, rather than publishing this article in the local press. Let''s face it,  these clubs are probably still unaware of this "courteous" welcome, as they''re hardly likely to read the EDP or the EN down in Essex.
  5. So, as expected, it''s a Watford v Leeds final. Come on Watford! You can do it. Highlight of Watford v Palarse? That little handbag swinging tussle on the touchline. You could say things turned a bit ugly for a time. They certainly turned even uglier when Dowie joined in!
  6. Reasonably easy, apart from the 11 letter centre back and the 6 letter central midfielder. I remembered them after a little bit of thought, however.
  7. Sorry, I was rather jumping the gun there. I forgot that Watford had the small matter of keeping ahead of Palace tonight, before they can entertain Leeds. It should be a Watford v Leeds final, but you never know what might happen in football!
  8. Doesn''t it make a refreshing change when somebody confesses to being a fan of a small club like Woking, rather than being one of those boring glory-hunters who is an armchair supporter of Arsenal or Man Utd? Good on ya, Greeno!
  9. Well said, Yankee. I agree with you, this really shows how limited our club''s ambitions are now. Which teams would you rather see at Carrow Road: Colchester, Brentford and Southend, or Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea? There''s no contest, is there?
  10. Can you imagine Skipper getting away with a crass comment like that at Wolves or Leeds or Palace, or in fact any club which is the merest bit forward-looking and ambitious? I''m not entirely sure he would live down such a foolish remark at a place like Crewe. The club''s new motto should be: Prudence, Prudence, Prudence with a hint of ambition!
  11. Would Worthy sanction it though? He may consider Ian to be too much of a looming threat to his "unassailable" position.
  12. The answer is of course he will if any Premiership club comes in for him. He has made his position quite clear in the past, that he wants to play in the Premiership. Until someone comes in for him he is going nowhere. I sometimes wonder if he is good enough for the Premiership, and yet strangely, he is considered good enough for an England call up!
  13. It''s hobson''s choice. I can''t say I particularly like either club. I shall plump for Watford though, as they are a small club and I like to see small clubs punching above their weight. I was sorry to see Preston falling by the wayside again. I was hoping that maybe they would make it to the Premiership this time, but it wasn''t to be. Hopefully the play-off final will be an entertaining game - who knows Worthless might pull out all the stops next season and we will be there in the final of 2007!
  14. Gazban, I see you mentioned that awful cup game at Northampton about 3 years ago, I was one of the poor unfortunates who was there. It was one of Worthy''s cup "specials"; totally depressing and lacking any effort, cohesion and most of all excitement - the sort of non-performance we have become accustomed to in recent times. I can remember immediately after that no-show this message board was flooded with posts calling for Worthy''s head. Ironically I posted in support of Worthy then, pleading with people to give him more time. He''s certainly had more than enough time since and the time is overdue to freshen things up and have a change at the top.
  15. Sadly I think this one will be an impossibility for me, being way down the pecking order. Southend and Brentford (if they win the play-offs) will also be very popular with our travelling supporters, and therefore very difficult to obtain tickets for as well.
  16. I have to agree with TwoSheds appraisal, but I''m amazed that his word was allowed to stand!
  17. I had been quite happy with Worthy as the manager of NCFC up until just after Christmas. Then a combination of pitiful hoofball, and the realisation that our team was really stagnating under his control, made me feel that it was high time for a change of management and coaching staff. Speaking to a City fan in the pub just recently, I was surprised to hear from him that he had never liked Worthy, even in our wonderful promotion year! So Worthy outers, are you recent converts to the legions of the disaffected, or have you never liked the man as a manager?
  18. Just a thought along the lines of "no flicks and tricks", you can imagine Worthless screaming at the screen in anger when he watches that advert featuring the great Ronaldino. I wonder if he''d welcome Ronaldino into one of his teams?
  19. Another excellent post, CJF. I couldn''t have put the case against Worthless better myself. Once again you''ve impressed me with your concise exposition of the facts and figures. Worthless out!
  20. That''s one in the eye for the ugly one!
  21. Preston. Followed by Leeds then Watford and then the one I would much rather didn''t go up Palarse
  22. I am by no means a supporter of Worthless, but I have to say that the assertion that this is the "most underachieving season ever" is a bit of an exaggeration.
  23. Good luck to Rick. Unlike several citizen journalists who post on here, I wasn''t at all offended by any of his articles, but I have to say I never particularly liked his style of writing either. In my humble opinion, Archant have several sports writers who are better.
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