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  1. His show is hilarious. I''ve never laughed so much in my life. This is a horrendous attack and my best wishes go out to Karl and his family!!!
  2. BlyBly. I used to read your posts as they were sometimes interesting, now I shall not bother. Read back on your posts and you will see that it reads as very personal towards Roy. You mention him enough times. Grow up.
  3. Great post Kathy. I know Roy too and he''s a hard working, honest, generous man. People have no idea all the good he has done for this club over the last 50 years. It makes me sick that pathetic, maronic individuals on here single him out when the know nothing about him.
  4. The box office is appalling. The website is never up to date either. As a marketing professional I have pointed out my concerns to The Don. I suggest everyone else who has a problem wth the shoddy service complains to Donny or we will forever have to put up with bad service. On and off the pitch the club is currently a joke. I really hope that Glenn can get us out of this mess.
  5. Thanks for that. Some refreshingly optimisitc comments. I for one think he can get us back to the Premiership next year. Maybe then we would need a new manager to keep us there.
  6. Here''s hoping! I''d lose Huckerby for Jewell anyday. Haha I''d actually lose half our team just for Jewell.
  7. I can''t find anyone taking bets. Looks indeed like an anouncement could be made tomorrow!
  8. Does indeed sound like inside info from somewhere has leaked. Have all the others closed bets?
  9. A mate of mine wrote that article. I haven''t read it though. Is it any good?
  10. It''s great to hear from others who still have faith in the team and stay optimistic. Optimism makes being a football supporter much more enjoyable.
  11. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] And I suppose in monkeyland our history started in 1995.   [/quote] 1985 were my glory days. I was 15 and first on the pitch after Bruce scored against the Scum. I had to be first on the pitch as I was at the front and would have got crushed if I hadn''t jumped over. As for 1995, I was living out of Norwich at the time and didn''t follow them because I couldn''t afford to get to the games every weekend. Am I embarrassed about that - no! Couldn''t care less. Why should I. I like to attend the games and support the team. If I can''t get there because I have a life outside of Naaarwich, or can''t afford it, or dare I say have others hobbies and commitments - then whoopie doo. I would also like to point out that I have never said that NCFC will be top 6 this year. But they have the squad and potential to be in the top 6. Wouldn''t it be great if the fans could get behind the team as supporters, instead of being pathetic whingers. 4 games in 4 points. So what. 126 points still left up for grabs ;o)    
  12. [quote user="ncfc1"]Yes lets do a Sunderland sack Grant and spend millions , this Norwich side is poor 20th place if anything flatters us on our performances so far, to talk about finishing in the top 6 in just plain stupid . We just are not good enough .[/quote] I never said we would be Top 6. I just thought the title might get a response. However I believe we have the squad to be Top 6. As others have pointed out, it is the fans who are letting the club down at the moment. The silence after the equaliser on Saturday was deafening.  
  13. Look at the table as it stands now. Will Bristol City and Scunthorpe end up in the top 6? I doubt it. Will Sheffield United be 19th at the end of the season? I doubt it. Everyone who is getting their knickers in a twist about the current position is bananas. Grant has built a much stronger squad of players who WANT to play for Norwich City. I''ve not seen any lacklustre performances this year, unlike half of Etuhu and Safri''s games last year. Not to mention Colin, McVeigh, Thorne etc. Hughes gave it his all but sadly lacked in quality.  Marshall, Brellier, Otsemobor, Russell and Cureton have all shown a passion for playing for the club. We have Murray, Smith and Huckerby coming back from injury. It''s the start of the season and the team have two weeks to gel further before the Palace game. Give the team a chance and start encouraging instead of whinging. This message board has become dull, uninspiring and full of moaning gits.
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