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  1. what in the alien abduction was that........ I feel like I've been beaten around the head by a newly discovered tool, and my ears are bleeding!
  2. Never ever let Lotus leave our shirts!!
  3. Head says 3-0 Leeds Heart says 0-1 Norwich
  4. How does our away form in the premier league since 2016 stack up to those stats??
  5. Um, what exactly has Kenny done to Josh there??
  6. did so well for us, that I don't even remember him!
  7. I actually can't remember a decent solid defence we have had for a very very long time. It would probably have Drury in there though. But really, what has been our most solid defence in the past 20 years.
  8. But they are playing Newcastle and Chelsea.
  9. the worst thing was that it was immediate. Not a gradual, let them back in the back game as we were being a bit reserved in our play. From the resulting free kick, it was like we were back in the Prem, playing Liverpool with a snarly Luis Suarez!
  10. Are they soccerbots? Do we have more than 1?
  11. it would nice for the number of teams to start dwindling down to just a couple. with us being one of them!
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