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  1. My hope too, we have seen these guys score some great individual goals this season, why not tonight 👍
  2. Great support from fans today, privileged to feel part of it
  3. Rodon in a very underrated player and kept Josh under wraps, obviously he’s not fully fit either!
  4. Pretty much as expected. Great to see the safe standing in, after all the nonsense that has been written on here over the years about this, it was fine and the guys next to me seemed to enjoy it. Best chant of the day “ If Duffy Scores We’re On The P1$$”
  5. This feels rather vulgar
  6. What a ****ing embarrassment this ****e is
  7. Some astonishing photo around from last nights display
  8. I don’t see the odds for the UK there, aren’t we very good?
  9. It extremely disappointing to see the news about Duffy, who of course is innocent until proved guilty and yes, a justifiable opportunity to argue a moral case by some. Sadly however the situation seems to have been hijacked by those looking for yet another stick to beat the manager with, which is pretty sad really!
  10. Up at West Runton this afternoon and have to say some massive cliff falls between West and East Runton. Quite shocking as a regular visitor there!
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