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  1. [quote user="Col Canary"]I was in the lower tier in block Z2 to the left of the goal yesterday and was also appalled by what I heard.There were a couple of racist idiots behind me who kept trying to

    start the Anton Ferdinand song and twice got it going when a few other sheep joined in. Both times I told them to stop singing it. 2nd time I got in

    an argument with them when they claimed they could sing what they liked. When I asked if they were even Norwich fans they laughed and said "no". Don''t know who they were but its possible they could have been Chelsea.However, if they were City

    we should find these scum and get them banned before they bring shame on our

    club.For the record they were sitting in Lower Tier, Block Z2, Row E, Seats 111 & 112.[/quote]You must have been sitting right behind me then, as I also turned around to tell them to pipe down, I was in the second row seat 111
  2. 1) If NCFC asked me to move from my seat so that more away fans could get in I would tell them to FO, so why should we expect Charlton fans to move.2) Why would Charlton want to give us more of an advantage by letting us have more fans there and turning it closer to being like a home game for us?3) You only get 3000 tickets at Old Trafford, so why should we expect more from Charlton?4) I got a ticket in the away end and could have easily got one in the home end if needed.5) Smudger is just a twat. Not happy unless moaning about something.
  3. Lambert obviously did not want Barnard, as McNally has stated in an interview just before the match, that every player Lambert has wanted the club has got for him.Who knows best, Lambert or some twat on a forum?
  4. Two Tails

    Clubs that have a drummer

    We used to have a drummer occasionally..........
  5. Two Tails

    I'm Furious

    If you listen to him on the radio every day, he hardly makes a big deal out of any of the clubs he plays for.
  6. Two Tails

    Ian Wright tips Paulton to win

    [quote user="baldyboy"]yeah but hes a dickhead who thought he could turn convicted criminals of the highest order into pro footballers!!!![/quote]No he did not, he used football as a tool for their rehab by getting them to work as a team and learn how to support each other before their release and the ones that where released so far where doing some good work in the community.
  7. Two Tails

    Barry you muppet

    Irony Pete :DGood old Barry, he is a canary call legend.
  8. Two Tails

    Neil Adams: Hero or Zero?

    He provides a very balanced view on the performances from a Norwich point of view, and I think that is most important thing, not to be biased but be able to explain in detail from the Norwich point of view.
  9. Two Tails

    My thoughts

    Right I have to post about this.Now I understand that gunn was not the popular appointment, and let me be honest he was not my first choice for manager, but the board appointed him, so I thought well I will back him assuming that he would give his all as he bleeds yellow blood. Last saturday was just a joke though and I honestly thought that they where going to sack him straight after the match, but understood that it was just a freak result. Then we go and do an amazing 4-0 away win, an AWAY win which has been our main problem after the last few years. Then they decide to sack him, IM LIKE WTF I do not know what to think anymore.The board backed Gunn all through the summer, what was the point then in sacking him after couple of games.I am confused and I have never been this confused about my club in the past. Coppell for manager though please.
  10. This has to be a joke, not even our club would go that low.
  11. Two Tails

    Vote For Your Manager

    1) Coppell2) Boothroyd3) Curbishley
  12. Two Tails

    Our club DESERVES the best possible manager.

    Why anyone would want Strachan is beyond me, did poor with Coventry and Southampton then sucess with Celtic, well lets be fair its hardly a competitive league up there is it.
  13. It may have only been Yeovil away, but even under Worthy we used to roll over and die to them sort of clubs away from home, which is why its really suprised me as our away form had been such a big problem and we get a good win, I thought that despite last saturdays result he would have had until at least the next game back at Carrow Road.
  14. I was shocked, but mainly due to the timing, it seems strange to come after such a good 4-0 away win.
  15. Richard Balls is a tool from what I have read in his articles.