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  1. Is it an option to have them instead of ''goal music''? Both are SHITE
  2. [quote user="renegadecanary"]You can''t deny that the "fozzy flick" was an amazing piece of skill and that he scored a brilliant goal on the last day of the season against QPR which kept us up under the rodent.Ched Evans had scored first but even then we were still very nervous until Fozzys "Arie Haan" rocket.[/quote] The ''highlight'' of his career was a scuffed shot in to the side netting; sums that loser up nicely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEnX3RKVe_k
  3. A former captain of NCFC - what a reminder of the bad old days he is. La Liga indeed...
  4. This might be the saddest thing I''ve ever heard. Second place in div 3 you tragic cnuts!
  5. I can''t believe how tragic these face-painting fools look. Yellow and green jester hats / wigs are for LOSERS
  6. Won''t hear a word against him - great player, hope he may return one day.
  7. Nope never heard of him. Was he one of the defenders that shipped 12 goals in the last 2 games? From memory at least 4 of the goals were through the right channel. And we all know if we want a Col employee we take them. Cureton, Lambert etc... I''d like to take this opportunity to announce that I will never play for Real Madrid.
  8. Go in to admin, wipe out all your debt (so you essentially get your shiny new stadium for free), take the 10 point deduction and start spending money again. Probably win League 1 the season after. Only in football.
  9. http://www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/SOUANC/london-southwark Premier Inn in a perfect location at London Bridge - there is also free parking right by the hotel all weekend in the pay and display areas.
  10. It''s exciting for us too - haven''t had the chance to see 7 thousand (allegedly) Essex Kevs in once place since we played West Ham.
  11. No way Norwich would be fined - it''s not our fault their ticket office aren''t used to dealing with more than 5k of sales... "You''re only here for the Norwich"...
  12. Of course - a loss isn''t the end of the world - we have to accept it''s their cup final and we are due a loss. Regardless we still have Lambert, will got up automatically and they will still be a small-time, tin-pot Esssex bunch of no-marks. It''s kind of like an FA cup game against a non-league team; upsets do happen.
  13. I can''t believe some Norwich fans think Burnley is a bigger club - highly likely to be in the same division next season, they''ll be back to getting 11k fans again.
  14. Wish they''d stop referring to it as a ''derby''. Some tin pot Essex outfit are hardly on our level.
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