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  1. Darren Huckerby and Dean Ashton are walking with Craig today to finish his 250 mile hike.  They are finishing today at 2.30 at Chapelfield.
  2. Some interesting sponsors on Craig''s web page!   I am going to sponsor him cos you get entered into a draw to win a meal with Hucks and Flem www.justgiving.com/craigshike
  3. A little unfair to blame him completely.  Are you saying that one player makes that much difference?  If so then if we buy John Terry it will stop all goals conceded!  Surely it is more of a team game and if it were the case that Fleming makes all the difference, why did we not start shipping goals at Birmingham in the second half? I am not saying he is without any blame but then I could pick out more than half a dozen others who I can say the same about. I think, if you look back, Dion was brought on at the back against because one of Cardiffs big guys at the back moved up front at the end.
  4. Did Worthy buy him?  I thought it was Mike Walker 10 years ago!  How many managers has Fleming out seen?  4?  I think that if he were cr*p  he might have been found out before now.   Craig has been loyal, committed, a good role model for younger players and more importantly incredibly good value for money.  He has had a long career because managers have played him.   When I read posts like yours I feel exasperated    
  5. Just logged on to vote for my man of the match.  Tried to vote for Fleming  after the Burnley game and he wasn''t in the available list.  Just tried to vote for him again for the Leicester game and yet again he is not available.  Who picks the players we can vote for?  Do they go to the games?  Or is it someone sat in an office picking names out of a hat?!  Here''s to six out of six !
  6. Didn''t Holt play for us when we got promoted?    
  7. [quote]yep played at right back - was awful - out of position all the time, dav and doc, and even BRENNAN had to cover for him at stages, his passing was over hit every time, and played us into trouble on a ...[/quote] What rubbish are you spouting??  Couldn''t see any involvement in either goal, he played quite well and passed to Ashton for the goal.
  8. Completely agree with this article.  Can''t be bothered with a long post regarding the whys and wherefores of the defence.  Yes Flem was at fault for the first goal at watford but played well in the second half.  Of one thing I am certain though, the amount of stick that Flem has had is ridiculous.  We are talking about a player who cares, who hurts when we lose, who genuinely has a heart for NCFC and I for one have  a slightly bitter taste in my mouth when I read some of the comments made. One imbecile actually said he hoped Malky breaks his legs so he can''t play for us anymore.  Is this the respect we should show to a player who has been a loyal servant and part of one of the most successful era''s this club has seen??
  9. [quote]Player of the season(!) is a little extreme. I was one of the many Flem critics last season because he was by far our worst player. However, this season he hasn''t really put a foot wrong, where as Sh...[/quote] Don''t think Flem was our worst player last season but I see where you are coming from. Apart from that I agree with you.
  10. Shackell has not been as good this season and if anything he is getting worse with each game.  He is part of NCFC future but we shouldn''t be blind to him having bad games as I think some of us seem to be.  Davenport sound like a good signing.  Fleming has been good this season.  I''d go with Flem and Davenport.
  11. Fleming was indeed excellent.  Thought both he and Shack played well today.
  12. The team needs to be given longer to gel, let them settle for a while and see what happens.
  13. Jess any sane, reasonably intelligent football fan would know that we did quite well against Crewe and it was an improvement to the first game.  The score could have been 6-1 but it wasn''t but we did create the chances which is good.  In the same way any sane, reasonably intelligent football fan would know that Flem played well.  He had a cracking first half and a solid second half.  It seems that some of our fans need a scapegoat and Flem seems to be it at the moment and if some people like ZippersLeftWhatever like to make disparaging remarks it doesn''t make it true.  When the team gel together and we start picking up some good results it will probably stop. I would like to think that these certain type of fans would then realise that it does no good whatsoever but unfortunately they will probably pick another player to try to strip of his confidence.
  14. Fleming had a good first half and a solid second half last night.  His tackle just before they scored was superb, he is prepared to get hurt for the cause.
  15. ZippersLeftFoot''s post usually include slagging off Flem.  Its getting very boring.  He did well on Saturday.
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