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  1. Well i know that its pretty obvious what he would be doing down here. But i just don''t want to count the chickens before they''ve hatched.
  2. No I''m not a crack pot but i was at the ground this afternoon playing on the pitch on a corporate day and some of us went to the holiday inn for a drink after the match. He was in there having a meal with his girlfriend. I ask him if there was any good news and he just laughed with a rye smile. lets hope he was finalising a deal. Lambert also made an appearance pitch side for about 10mins
  3. Sorry to hear you have lost your job. I think you are right, everyone would see it as a negative (scoring lots of goals). In principal good idea. Just the wrong financial climate to start something like that up.
  4. I just wondered if any season ticket holders had signed up for the new NCFC scheme for next season entitled "back of the net". Which is a scheme that the season ticket holder signs up to donate £1 for every City goal scored at Carrow Road. I''ve not heard anyone talk about this, but i had stumbled across it in the paper they send out with renewals. I''m only a super member as i have commitments that doesn''t allow me to be a season ticket holder. I just wondered how popular this was.
  5. Go to spec savers. Docherty looked like Steven Hawkins trying to walk. Utter rubbish
  6. Theo could not have used his hands at all for the first goal as it was a back pass. I think Semmy and Doc should not play again as it was the same sh*t different game and this has been happening for the last 3 years. Theo had NO help what so ever. Yes theo needs to improve but the biggest change has to be Spillane for Semmy and Askou for Doc.
  7. Have been on FA website and found that you can air your view''s on the FA Fans View Line . If enough of us Complain, they will hopefully take action on this CHEAT!!!!!! The red card being turned over doesn''t give back 1 or 3 points.
  8. For me it would have to be either Eye of the tiger by Survivor or Fan fare of the common man by Emerson Lake and Palmer. And i would change the goal music to Fiesta by the Pogues. Anythings better than One Vision, Very Worthington. Does anybody know if you can email the Club with suggestions.
  9. A manager that was on everybody''s lip last season was Phil Parkinson. A good young manager but resigned from Colchester( I Think) last season. Whats he doing now? Any clues?
  10. I''ll keep this short and sweet! Flemimg you are C**P. The only reason you where in the team is because Worthy was clueless. Like Worthy you''ve not always been C**P but now is the time to do the right thing and leave.
  11. HERE BLOODY HERE. Since 2004 he has constantly under achieved SACK HIM NOW.
  12. Mark Bowen and Dave Williams for me with Roberts at some coaching level. I would dearly love to see Peter Taylor here but there''s no chance of that. You look at Newcastle, just getting rid of Souness has worked wonders for the team morale and results and Glenn roeder is not the best manager in the world, but it shows you what a difference a change of manager can make. Worthy your time is up!!!!!!!! Delia this is the first time you and your board have had to make a tough decision, earn your money and sack him now. Things won''t get better until he''s gone.
  13. I think 99% of Worthy''s signings have been good signings in the last 4 years, as there is not one of them that i would not want at this club at the time of signing them. But there is a terrible fashion under Worthy''s reign and that is he turns a bloody good player into a bad player. For the best signing it would have to be Huckerby and i also think Earnshaw will turn out to be an asset to the club. We just need worthy to leave the club for that to happen as his style of football and management is rubbish.
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