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  1. Oi! Blackmore! Are there NO lengths to which you will not stoop, to prevent poor James attracting folk to the Fat Cat???How''s it going old chap? (and when would you like me to deliver to you? James usually only sells Honey Ale from us, so I can offer you an exclusive deal on several other Fat Cat beers [:D])Big change from the days at Layer Road, I''ll bet - you''re sorely missed in the fine city of Norwich!
  2. Indeed it was good to drag it back to the training debate - I sometimes think they should reallocate the ''Non-football'' section of the message board and make it the ''Football only'' forum, leaving the ''Main Discussion'' page for all those who are happy on the merry-go-round of pro/anti-Delia debates! [:)]
  3. It''s hard to see how ANY of them should be judged so soon. One horrendous display against Colchester, then not many minutes for anyone to form an opinion. Gill picked up an injury, OTJ had international duty, Nelson and Whaley very little pitch time.I know pre-season is no guide to real matches, but there weren''t many people deriding the signings before the 7-1 defeat, were there?My preference is to see how they perform after half-a-dozen to a dozen games, before calling them duff buys. If Lambert feels they aren''t even worth that, well I''ll trust his judgement.OT (slightly) - does Hoolahan''s trip to Swansea hint at a bad time under Lambert, when he signed him at Livingstone? Maybe one of our ''Stars'' didn''t enjoy his previous spell with the new boss?
  4. Okay, pet peeve here. You don''t have to hit the quote button EVERY time you reply to someone. Get a room, or just type a response - no need to fill an entire page with stuff we''ve all read before (unless you want to select the bit you are particularly referring to)!!Anyways, I think Bob was missing the point. The fact of Gunn not keeping up performances was being made with regard to his first game, 4-0 win over Barnsley. He never managed to really get the players going. Fair enough, he had to wait till the summer to build a team he was happy with, but his sacking had little to do with the 7-1 defeat. His card was marked the moment MacNally and the other new Board members came into the picture. None of them were party to his appointment and it''s fair to say they wouldn''t have sanctioned it. This was presumption on the part of the rump of the previous Board, to install Gunn before sorting the top level positions out.For my view, I think a period of less intense training, under Gunn, was necessary for the team after Roeder. It is also now correct for a more committed style, if the team have any hopes of play-off football at the end of this season. Some may not like it - they''ll have to go (yes, Mr Otsemobor, I mean you!).Cheerio now - back off to the ''Kick It Off'' forum, where debate on football topics is valued higher than scoring points over fellow posters.Look it up if that appeals to you! [:P]
  5. [quote user="Jonnyboy"]Jesus Christ I''m totally embarressed. Any season tickets left at Ipswich? [/quote]Swear by all means - but please don''t stoop to that!
  6. Who knew the bookies were supplying the score and not the odds for Norwich to go up??
  7. Wiggins aint fit yet - otherwise I agree!
  8. Apparently 0-5 at half-time IS enough to be upset about.There''ll likely be a huge surge of anti-board/Gunn feeling after this - rightly so. Surely some changes should have been made at half-time, if not sooner?! A dithering manager will be slaughtered by fans.
  9. Suspect several people who bought these may be offering them to others after today''s performance! [:)]
  10. I''m a masochist! I''m also hoping it can''t possibly be this bad for ever!!MASSIVE rebuilding of confidence required before we go out of the cup on Tuesday.
  11. LOL mate!Glad I couldn''t get a ticket now! Still, it should be a bit easier to get to the next few games [:D]
  12. According to the club, there are only 30 buy-backs available (none with two seats together). See you at the front of the queue!
  13. Cheers everyone.Being philosophical, it''s no biggy - he''ll have a fun day. It''s about him having a good time, after all!I''ll make sure he gets to the next one he can make (after holiday with the outlaws). Buy back scheme for me [:)]
  14. She won''t buy that option (no pun intended). It''s a ticket by 7.30, or he goes to Pleasurewood Hills with her and the boyfriend!Damn those pre-season results and sudden rush of optimism - it was all looking fine before the Wigan game!Like I said  it''s my own fault for leaving it so late. Still, thanks for the replies [:)]
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