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  1. Against WBA, Martin was one of our better players. Good first touch, good movement, good passing. It''s not Chris Martin''s fault that he wasn''t picked out on at least 2 occasions when in great goalscoring positions. If Martin plays up-front, then Wes needs to play in midfield. He''s the only one who can see Martin''s movement and pick him out. Maybe Fox can as well, but he''s too slow and lightweight to play centre mid in the Premiership. After the first 4 games, my optimism regarding us staying up has gone from 100% to about 30%. We''ll see what Lambert can do against Bolton; massive game now.
  2. It''s usually wage increase/decrease that the clubs want. Like when we were in the Premiership, and Huckerby was earning £30k etc. I''d imagine Drury will feel this most if we go down. He must have been earning £15/20k in the Premiership, down to £4/5k in League 1! Relegation release clauses are usually insisted on by agents.
  3. Give it 20 mins in the 2nd half, and if still level (or behind) then take Grounds off for McDonald, put Bertrand at left back and Hoolahan to left midfield, McDonald up front with Cort. If still level (or behind) after 75 mins, replace Russell with Lappin, put Hoolahan in centre midfield with license to get forward, Lappin to left midfield. Simple as.
  4. "Roder out Roeder out Roeder out" Is that what I just heard?
  5. Just because you have a ''target man'' doesn''t mean you have to lump it up to his head. You want to be able to play the ball up to the final third, and for it to stick up there. Most important of all, a target man has to be physically strong. You can have 5''10" and 6''7" target men...as long as they keep hold of it when it gets to them and battle well in the air, you can''t go far wrong.  Every successful team has one...
  6. It''s no good Glenn, I''m still fucking furious at what your team produced tonight... Hopefully I''ll feel better in the morning.  
  7. No mention of the balance of the team being a total fucking disaster then Glenn? Clinan and Fotheringham are too similar to play in the middle together. Fotheringham was a JOKE tonight. One good pass in the 90 minutes = Norwich City captain? Tonight is the angriest I have ever been at a performance. We genuinely looked clueless when we got to with 35 yards of their goal: Fotheringham: "Hmmmmm, I can''t see a simple pass, let''s pass it 5 yards to my right" Clingan: "Ah, I can''t see anything either...I''ll 5 yards to my left" Fotheringham: "Nope, I still haven''t got a fucking clue...let''s pass it back to Shacks, he''ll know what to do" Fair play to Shackell tonight though, he did all that could be expected of a centre half...won headers, tackled well, passed accurately...One pass in particular, a 60 yard ball out wide to Croft was stunning. He was excellent.
  8. Has there been an interview with Roeder about tonights game yet? I''d like him to explain that absolute fucking shambles we endured tonight. I''d also like to know why we played like it was a ''keep-ball'' session up at Colney. Why was Jason Shackell (Yes, that''s Jason Shackell the CENTRE BACK) the only one who showed any fucking urgency to get us moving forward? Roeder has turned us into a one paced, one dimensional team with no clue how to score a goal. If Hoolahan can''t create it, we''re screwed. All Mark Fotheringham did tonight was pass the ball 5-10 yards sideways. I''m sorry, I could do that just as well for Norwich City and I''d do it for nothing. I''d take a better set piece as well to be honest. So yeah, if Glenn has explained what that was about tonight, please pass the link my way.  
  9. He''s a better version of Barnsley''s Odejayi...sign him up.
  10. He''s a young goalkeeper in his first full season as a #1, playing in one of the toughest leagues in the world...so of course he''s going to make mistakes. However, the amount of top class and point-winning saves he''s pulled off far outweigh the mistakes (mistakes which aren''t as frequent as some on here protest) I have seen him come for plenty of crosses and bowl the ball out to our wingers countless times. Yes, there is room for improvement, but for a club in the Championship striving for Premiership football, he is more than good enough for the job. Our goals against column is not a concern, if we had been half decent going forward all season we''d be comfortably in the top half. As for Gilks being a far better all round ''keeper...are you having a laugh? There is absolutely nothing wrong with Marshall being our #1...he''s in the top 3 goalkeepers in this league easily.
  11. The Board: "Glenn, any players you want to bring in on loan, we''ll fund those no problem. Whatever the reasonable cost. For permanent transfers however, you will need to raise the money through player sales. This will be seperate to the loan ''budget''."
  12. Ah well. It was embarrassing having a 4''7" goalkeeping coach anyway.
  13. [quote user="we8wba"] http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1817_3037014,00.html   nice to see my mate hennessey in their after receiving stick on here, he is 4m rated you know [/quote] Rated £4m by whom exactly?
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