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  1. That mountain we had to climb is getting bigger and bigger
  2. Yep like I said not good enough
  3. It’s called not being good enough I’m afraid to be able not to take advantage of another teams poor display
  4. Bomber

    Time to go Delia

    What a pointless post as if any sort of response either way will change anything - we will all be sitting here in 5 years time still discussing the same old dross
  5. Bomber

    Bounce straight back up?

    Even if we get good money for our players we all know that most of it will be put in the bank - I am quickly losing faith in NCFC being ever to win a cup or be a regular in the PL because unless we can shake off what we have always been and that is a non ambitious outfit then I am afraid we are going nowhere - the board treats the fans like mugs but there again there are 27000 turn up for every game so why would they change
  6. Bomber

    BT Sport

    Live Sports TV
  7. That’s the problem tho rock bus it’s no good having the bottle on the odd occasion like Man City and Leicester and then fold so convincingly against all the other teams that we have done this season - the anticipation of getting a win is fading fast and unless we get some sort of run together soon come just after Xmas that 6 point gap will have possibly increased to a level that is just too big a bridge to cross
  8. Good luck to them it’s all about getting the points something we have struggled to do and to be honest cannot really see it improving
  9. We have been second rate most of the season - had a good one off win against Man City and apart from the odd good performance then it’s been nothing to write home about - Ipswich here we come
  10. Start preparing for next season I think because unless we have an amazing transfer window which ain’t gonna happen then we can write this season off
  11. Bomber

    Team v Brum - Tettey! Yay!

    [quote user="STFU"]Naismith has 3 assists and a goal for Hearts so far today.[/quote]

    Shame he could not do it for us though - players click at certain clubs it is that we seem to wait years for a player to click here
  12. Bomber

    Team v Brum - Tettey! Yay!

    There is nothing in that current shoreline that surprises me one bit - standfast another fantastic season
  13. Bomber

    Farke out survey

    The problem is a lot of the remarks are all in hindsight - yes Warnock has done well at Cardiff but if we had got him can you imagine the anger on here from a lot of supporters and also he may not have clicked here just like some players don’t then you would all be going mad again - we all knew this season was a transition season so why the hell this question to get rid of Farke is raised I don’t know - get behind the team and Farke for goodness sake if you call yourselves supporters and if we are not up to standard next season then the board will have to take a look - enjoy the World Cup enjoy the summer with your families and let Norwich City take care of itself
  14. Bomber

    City v Sheff W match thread

    But still losing 2-0 that’s what I am talking about
  15. Bomber

    City v Sheff W match thread

    We delude ourselves that we are possibly a good team when in reality we are pretty bog standard and so it will continue next season
  16. Bomber

    City v Sheff W match thread

    As soon as you see the headline ‘Canaries aim to sign off on high’ you just know it’s all gonna go pear shaped
  17. Another wasted signing then - may as well have let him go to someone who wanted to play him - why do we buy so many players yet never see them in a yellow shirt
  18. Bomber

    Summer clear-out

    Our last six games will be no more painful than our previous six games so nothing new
  19. Bomber

    Are we moving forward

    Are we moving forward: No and we never will
  20. Norwich City was just another toy for Webber to play with however now the toy has broken with no hope of getting it fixed it has left us in one major crisis - with no money apparently in the pot we have next to zero chance of getting anyone new in coupled with the cost of sacking all the backroom staff so we are left with a team with no direction playing some of the most unentertaining football I have witnessed and no chance of upsetting any of the top 6 - looks like we are in for a nervous ride not for top 6 qualification but for bottom 3 - Happy Xmas one and all
  21. Bomber

    Congratulations to Korey Smith

    Yeah probably one of many players glad to have made the move !!!
  22. Bomber

    Versus Dirty Leeds.

    What did Oliveira do
  23. Bomber

    Versus Dirty Leeds.

    Unfortunately poor set piece errors loses you games