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  1. As a Nowich fan of over 50 years I've never felt so indifferent about yet another defeat . If City did go up what's the point ? to lose 2-0 at Palace and be on the receiving end of a Haaland mauling .
  2. With Smith in charge the club feels like it's in a downward spiral. We're becoming another Stoke, Middlesbrough, Swansea,West Brom......heading back to mediocrity. Oh well it was nice while it lasted
  3. Heading for mid table obscurity , Smith just about managed to get Villa up with all the resources available.
  4. Smith was the wrong appointment, a lazy, convenient appointment. Norwich are heading for mid table. Remember Smith just managed to get Villa up by the play offs despite having a strong squad .
  5. Reminds me of the 85-86 promotion season,Ken Brown utilised John Deehan ,a centre forward, as a fullback for a long run of games . This didn't stop City going on a long winning run.
  6. Smith needs to get four points this week. So basically a win against Huddersfield and a point from Millwall. .
  7. No way he'd leave Bodo ,they're successful and in Europe.
  8. I remember the parachutist who missed the pitch and landed on the roof.
  9. I can only see a draw at best . This is starting to have that 'game over' feel about it after conceding the first goal in the Prem.
  10. All this 'getting use to the speed of the British game' I don't subscribe to. Football in South America is very physical and frenetic.
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