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  1. Welcome to totalitarianism, did we make huge sacrifices to fight for freedom in WW2.....only for Boris Johnson and Co to introduce it by the backdoor .
  2. I quite fancy the MK Dons to get promoted .
  3. I I don't think you do " remember correctly"....It was 2018 not 2014 !
  4. I think City should bite Spurs hands off for this deal. To land such a talented player at such a young age plus cash is a no brainer.
  5. This highlights the centre back problems last time out. Here's hoping Hanley and Gibson stay fit,to me if that pairing stays throughout we'll survive.
  6. Happy to see him back.....we do have rather a lot of keepers. May be we can play a back five solely of custodians.
  7. Just a thought, so much of his success was built on feeding in Pukki, who as we know has world class levels of movement. Will there be anyone at Villa to feed off Buendia? or are the forwards there more static types who rely on reflex and athleticism ,if so he might not have the impact Villa fans are expecting.
  8. I get the feeling the club did not carry put due diligence when considering the shirt sponsor. Oh I wish we could go back to the more innocent days of Poll &Withey.
  9. I think keeping Air Rons could be key, I believe he could be easily converted to a R wing back,he's played that role for England u21's and could act as an Emi replacement.
  10. So sad to see him go, it can't happen very often when a club gets promoted to the top division yet still can't hold onto its best player. It's the little old Norwich syndrome again. I just can't see City staying up as it stands.
  11. That is not a simple sum.....if Burnley had only got 29 points ,where would the points Burnley didn't get go ?
  12. Well said , I think sometimes it can hinder a players development to be loaned out but of course not playing regularly is not so great.
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