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  1. Screams of "get it forward" from the footballingly challenged. The crowd booing as soon as we lose a game or struggle against squads built on ten times the cash. Screams of "no ambition Delia" if we don't spebnd fifty million on a player or bankrupt the club. This forum after a loss. The idiot fans who already have us relegated.
  2. Yes. There is literally no evidence for stopping it. If the deaths stay low and hospitals cope after June 21 there will be serious social disobedience if they try and continue restrictions.
  3. If you can can afford sky, you can afford a tenner to watch your team on ifollow if you care enough.
  4. What on earth are you in about? What happens today, whoever played, has zero influence, or insight, into next season.
  5. Hope he's fit for the euros, he's waited years for that.
  6. Do you challenge yourself to use the most convoluted, obscure, meandering, words and structure possible?
  7. I think it strengthens our hand. A new spurs manager will have money thrown at him and want to hit the ground running. A crocked kid doesn't fit that scenario well. Far better to let Norwich have him and rehabilitate him.
  8. If we keep all the crown jewels and strengthen then we can hit the prem hard. Lose two of three and have to churn better players as well, too much upheaval and we will struggle. I'd like to think they have bought in, and the message from all at the club is they won't block a mega move, but they will block moves that are purely about money but not good moves for the player.
  9. Its over. Looks at the stats. Hers immunity and empty hospitals. Stop panicking and go out and enjoy your life.
  10. This is effing ridiculous. And the club is in a ridiculous social media blackout for no reason that wil make any difference.
  11. This forum is not social media. Social media is Facebook, twitter, Instagram, stuff that uses mostly apps for instant messaging and interactions. That people think it is shows the dads army are on here.
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