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  1. And there you go again, using on extreme situation to deny women the freedom of choice. You're a misogynist.
  2. Suddenly when the money is being spent on Angus gunn, the Asian gambling and girls problem... Vanishes. Fickle morals.
  3. Well it can't be jarrolds. They have female lingerie models. Thats objectification according to the self appointed morality police. So any company who use models of any sort can't sponsor us. Can't be alcohol, gambling. Can't be food as people get eating disorders. Can't be any company with historical links to slavery or literally anything else negative ever. Can't be a meat company because vegetarians. Can't be a vegetarian food company because vegans. Can't be anything that has ever been linked to religion. Can't be any company with links to poor wages or conditions, which rules out every single Eastern clothing and tech company ever. Can't be any company linked to oil, gas, global warming. No company with links to dodgy money or people. Can't be any company who employ, or are linked, to anyone who has ever made a dodgy social media post. Erm...... Perhaps let's not have a sponsor, as the self appointed woke morality police will attack every company ever. I'd also suggest vetting of fans, and only allow those of a high level of morality, as defined by the committee, to support the club.
  4. Youre against the sexualisation and objectification of women? Dear God are you beamed in from the victorian age. So no woman can model. Therefore in the spirit of equality you must also object to male modelling and objectification. I must tell my partner, who makes a very good living modelling, that she needs to stop being independent and doing what she wants, and must give up and get back to working in a shop. Jesus wept, can't you grasp that feminism and equality can be achieve without draconian reaction to a woman using her body?
  5. Genuinely I have no problem with alcohol. As is blatantly obvious, I'm pointing out the utter hipocrisy of the bleeding hearts around the shock horror of a sausage game and a gambling company.
  6. And millions enjoy gambling responsibly. And millions of women make money from modelling. And millions see sill sausage games as harmless fun. What's your point?
  7. You don't get to tell others what a fan looks or acts like. Its almost like everyone moaning about the "exploitation" "feminism" and "inappropriate behaviour" feels they can dictate and control what people think. Woke.
  8. Do you rrally think a sausage game is unacceptable? Do you hide in a little closet and blush when you see a female ankle?
  9. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/august/club-extends-partnership-with-woodfordes-brewery/ Alcoholism causes more deaths and misery in this country than any other substance, effecting tens of thousands each year. It wrecks lives, leaves battered women, fuels violence and negative social behaviour. Nearly 8000 people die a year in the UK directly due to alcohol. When will we see the same level of moral outrage, the same fan association statements, around this family clubs link with alcohol? Or is it just good looking women doing a job that pays well we get our knickers in a twist about?
  10. We don't have a chance in hell of staying up. With buendia gone, we need to replace that talent to some degree, and buy about six players. That isn't gonna happen.
  11. Women looking good and getting paid. The horror. Good for them. Thats equality. They don't have to do it. The outdated morals on display around Norfolk are embarrassing .
  12. God all the euros with people going on about taking the knee And the Norwich prudes still banging on about gambling and women doing things that make them blush. Plus Gareth hughton grinding us to the semi final then folding. Joy.
  13. Never in a million years will this club pay that money.
  14. Utterly ludicrous. So some women were naughty on a video. Oooh no the horror. Its demeaning to women. Except those women did it of their own free will, which is.... Feminism. And as for gambling. Alcohol kills more and ruins more lives. Where is the outrage over woodfordes adverts at the ground then? Typical 21st century virtue signalling, woke nonsense. People have been programmed to seek outrage and mob attack for literally anything. Grow the hell up.
  15. Lol get a grip ffs. Some of you are out of control. This is becoming some weird victorian, evangelical, crusade. Ooh women being a bit naughty. Oooh a gambling company. Get over yourselves. Alcohol wrecks far more lives than gambling. Where is the petition for woodfordes to be banned from advertising?
  16. Great deal for the club. He's done a good job getting it. Global exposure too. Not that the woke snowflakes will care, as they are too busy telling women they shouldn't be acting like that in videos because of feminism, which means women can do what they want.... Oh
  17. Utterly ludicrous. So if it's apple who sponsor us you'd refuse because of the child labour and kids down mines? Likewise for any battery product? You'd not support an alcohol sponsor, if they could? Alcohol wrecks lives, so you're boycotting carrow Road until they remove the Woodfordes hoardings? Pathetic virtue signalling.
  18. Absolutely yes. The absolute state of of people getting so upset over nothing. So what if some women do some provocative stuff of their own free will. Free choice is feminism yeah? Unless I missed the memo that being equal means you have to still pander to what the Conservative minded prolls want.
  19. Not a proper pile on unless someone has their life ruined is it.
  20. If people gave a stuff about women's football it would be different. People meaning women.
  21. Utter rubbish. Documented and proven? Show us the studies. And please share the "violent" sexual imagery. This company have used.
  22. My god what a fuss over nothing. So many prudes around. Have we gone back to the fifties? There is absolutely nothing offical that is distasteful going on here. Wind in your woke necks. There are people programmes now to be outraged at anything. I'm still wondering how scantily clad women, done of their own free will, is misogynistic, when girls do it every Saturday night in every city. Get out and get a life.
  23. Isn't it amazing that buendia, according to most, wanted to go allegedly sothe club just had to sell. Yet the same people are happy to say levy wouldn't sell skipp to us, regardless of what skipp himself wanted. Perhaps our club just has no guts, hence the absolute state of people getting upset about a few sponsors videos.
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