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  1. Yeah Ips4hit clearly having an influence in the league at last
  2. I'm watching the match on a dodgy stream but I couldn't tell between it buffering and City on an attack
  3. I can't see how this wouldn't be a perfect fit for all involved..
  4. What's been lost here, a battle of opinions?
  5. The 'correct one'? I always thought that was Stuart Webber...
  6. Usual co-commentator Gilmour comment - 'terrific young player... always wants the ball' etc. So annoying
  7. Why Williams for Giannoulis?! one of the only passable showings in the first half
  8. Gilmour: Can't pass Can't tackle Can't run Other than that, very promising young player who we're lucky to have...
  9. 100% all of this, kabak reminds me of a better amadou
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