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  1. The transitional play and how we cut through the lines was a joy to watch
  2. If ball passed back with any body part other than foot then it can be picked up
  3. The most annoying thing about the Sky commentator is the breath of air he puffs after every sentence - he's like an asthmatic runner
  4. Always nice for me to see Stockdale play around the EFL and PL since I used to watch him play for my original hometown club Darlington FC - so he's done pretty well
  5. He's already preparing for our games with them next season
  6. Good call - usually more of a gap but it's pretty much the same today. Cheers
  7. Not for me. I heard he watches illegal streams.
  8. Fair play to them. It's become a token gesture and there will be other more constructive ways to fight racism. For the record I totally condemn the booing that happened a while back though - that's a totally different move
  9. McLean has been great this season. Only Skipp has been a better central midfielder in my book.
  10. Couldn't agree more NFN - let's 'ave it!
  11. Just like we did too though. Sold Godfrey, but brought in Gibson who has done very well indeed. Ditto Sorenson for Lewis (albeit unplanned for that position). Brentford will have their wobble, and here's hoping it comes at the business end. We do need to find our shooting boots though -we couldn't finish a 2-piece jigsaw at present!
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