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  1. I think Merson said - perhaps not in this documentary but another interview - you can only bung so much coke up your nose or pints of lager down your neck, both of which he also did. In other words gambling can clean your bank account without having a tangible or physical change. It's numbers in a bank account. You could go mad on cars, TVs etc, but you've got to put them somewhere, bet a million quid on a horse and who's to know?
  2. Both Hanley and Gibson have underperformed so far. I think Gibson gets in due to being a natural left footer on the left side covering for the full back. Hanley gets in because it would be squeaky bum with a couple of 20 year olds at centre back, but I agree on performance Omo has played better. He'd have to oust Kabak which I don't think will happen barring injury.
  3. Perhaps a little more recent than other posts, but anything by Melt Yourself Down. Crocodile probably the go-to track as a starter.
  4. Is this all because we didn't sign you in the summer?
  5. 'Sport washing' no longer means spraying on some lynx africa between work and heading to the pub.
  6. I think a more telling stat would be the amount of money each is taking/investing in the respective clubs. All very well having a filthy rich (Chinese/Russian/Yank Pension fund) owner if all they are doing is laundering their cash or taking operating profits and not putting anything into the club.
  7. Nope. Like it or not the club we support is a business and the assets have a value. That's not a new thing or anything to do with computer games.
  8. Of the whole of the league I'd say Brighton are stylistically and playing staff-wise the first team we've played this season we can go toe to toe with. They are currently ticking nicely unfortunately so perhaps the international break has come at the right time for us. A draw would be OK, a win fantastic, a loss would feel very damning despite their current league position and form. A polarising game for me, more so than the Watford game.
  9. When copying text from a website, I don't EVER want to paste the formatting. Bit of a geek one that but if you know you know.
  10. I will make this a priority. Although it sounds like the way I'd pick a cat up.
  11. 5 yellow cards and persistent fouling (13) throughout Saturday's game suggests it's pretty provable. I don't dislike Burnley for doing what they do, but watching crosses get banged in to Chris Wood at any opportunity must be dull for any supporter?
  12. For anyone using Twitter, here is a suitably boringly comedic account of people who are selling mirrors. https://twitter.com/SellingAMirror
  13. Been said 100 times but no chance of matching up physically. Must play 3 at the back to cover their big forwards or every cross is going to be torture. Of course, we do have the quality and pace to hurt on the break, they are at home and shouldn't be sitting too deep. It's one we have a chance in, but will be similar to Watford, a goal either way could change the whole complexion of the game. 1-0 - Pukki 30 mins, Giannoulis cross knocked down by PLM, scramble in the box. Burnley miss penalty awarded by VAR in 94th minute as Placheta had his headphones in the wrong way round on the bench.
  14. Finally Byram might get a game. I feel bad. I hope we will see him again, and not just as a draught excluder.
  15. People saying crypto currencies are 'well dodgy' but making 99% of their payments completely without cash and the only way they know they have money is on an app, on their phone.
  16. Just need Alan Hansen to say 'You can't win ennnneethun wuth .... a limited budget'
  17. Better than Kenny, Rupp and Gilmour. Best partner for Normann in the middle.
  18. Unless someone else can start to show some intent and score, other than Pukki, then I'm afraid whoever we play upfront is fairly redundant. We're not going to close games out at 1-0, we're too fragile at the back. I think Lees-Melou, Rashica, Tzolis, Cantwell, Normann all have it in the locker to score goals. I generally think Pukki is pretty un-droppable in the lone striker stakes, Sargent is a decent player though and happy to see him mixing it up around the area. Need to start getting some balls breaking to us around the area, our opposition seem to manage it every week, Sargent looks like he can do that. Just need someone to smash the leather off it.
  19. Bit of a mind dump of dull musings. Today's dump. Other nationalities are confused as to why we have 2 taps, one for cold water and one for hot water, and not a mixer tap. We're used to it and the reason being the old tank in the loft that had a dead sparrow in it was probably best not drunk from or mixed with your drinking water....but here's the dump... Most people have combi boilers now, if a tap isn't fully rotated to cold, the boiler fires but doesn't need to. How much energy is wasted daily by gas boilers unnecessarily firing due to mixer taps? They should be banned and separate taps you can't move with wet hands reintroduced. I know, I'm boring myself.
  20. In accordance with our youth development strategy we are growing some beech hedging instead. Have you seen the price of MDF.
  21. Agreed, they haven't been consistent, but from each of the opening fixtures at least one of the new players has been the better of the bunch (Sargent was probably our best player against Watford for instance, Rashica against Liverpool etc). PLM has been good too and I should have included him. The inconsistency is probably expected while settling in, especially since we got the business done late. What has happened though is that the remaining squad seemed to have dropped levels instead of stepping up. It has been massively disappointing but I just don't think you can blame the new guys. There are some experienced players on the pitch who don't seem to be coping.
  22. Not sure you can blame the new signings for the current malaise. Sargent, Normann, Kabak, Rashica, Tzolis have been the players that have come out of the opening fixtures with any credit - unfortunately not all consistently. Aside from Pukki and Aarons who have been unspectacular but functional, it has been the existing Championship squad that have underperformed, particularly Krul (improving), Gibson, Hanley, McLean.
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