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  1. The boos were defo because of Jackson being taken off. Should have been Holt for Morrison and left Jacko up font. He was playing well and causing the West Ham defenders trouble with his pace and dropping off defenders. As for the offsides, from my position in the upper Barclay they looked very tight and in some cases like the linesman had made the wrong call. IMHO the game was crying out for Hoolahan to provide the creativity that seemed to be lacking in the midfield second half. Frustrating afternoon, would like to see us beating teams like QPR and West Ham at home. Tougher teams will come to Carrow Road. Still at least the defence kept a clean sheet and looked fairly solid.
  2. [quote user="Sing Up The South Stand"]I''m a bit surprised myself, but he''s a solid player...[/quote] Watch many games?? Well deserved and when fully match fit in the coming weeks will be pushing for a start.
  3. [quote user="ncfcfan"][quote user="Barclay Boy"] Reo Coker. Seriously? The guys''s ego would not fit through the dressing room door and would disrupt the dressing room no end. No thank you! [/quote] If you''re gonna abuse Reo Coker, at least have a valid point, like him being overrated. His ego is such a problem he gets made captain at all the club he''s at. The reason he has played so much in the Premiership is because he doesn''t have an ego and works very hard to make up for his lack of talent. [/quote]   It is a valid point. I have concerns that he would cause trouble in the dressing room just like was reported at West Ham and the training room bust up with ONeil at Villa. Do some searching if you don''t beleive me, no smoke without fire etc. On his day he is a good PL footballer but for me his past concerns me. Along with luck and some decent signings the team spirt Lambert has built over the last two seasons will be play a part in us staying up.    
  4. Reo Coker. Seriously? The guys''s ego would not fit through the dressing room door and would disrupt the dressing room no end. No thank you!  
  5. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="im spartacus"]do you consider orient in the 3rd round of the FA cup somewhat  beneath you ?[/quote] I thought everyone knew it was obvious that season ticket holders are basically fairweather happy clappers. [/quote] Words fail me..
  6. [quote user="sipsip"] I don''t think its an unreasonable question to ask maybe to suggest it is beneath people made him look like a bit of a tool but i find it hard to see how people can sit at home when there is a game on and before people start i have a 160 mile rond trip to games i don''t see why you wouldnt want to go jujst because its a cup game, never mind thats just my opinon and thats what this board is all about everyones own opinion [/quote] Nothing to do with a cup game or not. Fact is I pay for my season ticket and the cup games are not included, if they were I may well have gone. It was the cost for me (Fuel + Ticket cost), not cheap especially just after christmas.
  7. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]As it''s a c340 mile round trip for me, costing well over £50 in petrol - and I did it on 28/12, 1/1 and will be doing it again on 15/1 - I decided to give it a miss, if that''s ok. I don''t see that as being too much of a problem. Even if the game had been included in my season ticket I''d not have gone personally, but would have ensured my ticket was used. Besides, 18k+ for an FA Cup game is pretty damned good.[/quote] +1 exactly the same scenario as me. I will be back up for the Cardiff game on 15th Jan. Is that OK with you Spartacus???
  8. [quote user="jed exodous"] Wheres all the know-it-alls now?  What a fickle bunch of fans.  People like Sideshow tim should hang their heads.  Well done Lambert for releasing your statement (though you should''ve done it this morning).  Its great news, and as you can see from further down the board, i posted that i expected him to stay.  [/quote]   Was just thinking the same. All those in the know have gone rather quiet...
  9. [quote user="cityangel"] Well done Jas and thanks for reassuring us earlier [:)] although I was still stressed and worried. [/quote] Think we were all worried No need to worry anymore, what a day!
  10. [quote user="John"]http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2261383,00.html Andin the midst of all of that, i could almost cry! Just as professional as ever from the man. But don''t you dare leave us on such tender hooks again Paul, or so help me!... [/quote] Phew, that looks like the end of then, I sure hope so!!
  11. "Sky’s sponsorship of the beautiful game has resulted in slush funds being so great, of footballers’ salaries larger than third world countries health budgets, of fans need for immediate satisfaction – that directors of football clubs always make a kneejerk reaction to “rescue” their club’s season… and inadvertently ruin another clubs (and the subsequent happiness of their fans) by starting up the managerial money go round. Money is totally ruining the game and our perspective of it too." Could not agree more. 100% spot on! What is the point, the beautiful game is just not what it was.
  12. [quote user="Broadstairs Canary"]I''m not sounding like a Leeds fan - I don''t think that we deserve to be a Premiership club. I just believe, as I''m sure that you must, that Norwich City are a bigger club than Burnley and would be saddened if they pinched our manager.[/quote] Would have to agree with that. Would be gutted if he went to Burnley, I just can''t see the lure they could have, except maybe transfer funds. Norwich have a real shot at promotion this season.
  13. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="ron obvious"] Much ta as usual Ricardo. Coulple of questions for you: Was Ruddy at fault for the first goal? Goreham seemed to think he was, although he backtraked a bit later on. It sounded to me that, although Leeds outplayed us 1st half, they didn''t create as many clear cut chances as we did 2nd half. (That could just have been the crowd getting excited though). Why - with the exception of last week - do we always start brightly, give away a goal or 2, then go mental late on? It''s developed into a standard routine. I must say that, whatever individual results may be, this squad has so much fight in it I can''t see it giving up on the chance of promotion. After the Leeds goal went in, & they were dominating, I was beginning to worry that the crap ref. decisions last week were going to spill over into the rest of the season & disillusion the team - & Lambert. I needn''t have worried. He really is an amazing manager [/quote] yes, the ball did seem to go straight through Ruddy, but in fairness it was a one on one and Ruddy looked pretty solid the rest of the match. Leeds dominated the 20 mins before halftime but City were easily superior in the entire second period. Although Leeds always looked handy on the break they didn''t have any clear cut chances after halftime. [/quote] I sit in the upper Barclay. From my angle it did seem like the ball went right through him. He just didn''t seem to get enough behind it to keep it out. To be fair I think we are all spoilt from having Forester last season.
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