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  1. utterly disgusting. hopefully the RSPCA can do something that will lead to punishment. but getting the cat out of there is crucial, something im sure they can do. apologies from footballers mean nothing nowadays but an issue I do have is how many of you on here bleating about it eat meat farmed specifically to be slaughtered and are mistreated? anything boguht in a supermarket usually. a lot I bet an animal is an animal. domestic or not virtue signalling at its worst
  2. Just for the chaps this one? #BragAboutOurInclusiveClub
  3. Expected d!ck response. This guy spouts some absolute tosh and ignores or deflects to apparent humour every time he is called on it. Its responses like this that make me believe hes definitely no older than about 11.
  4. No You amended this thread to make it a supposed joke. You amended it to save face. The sad fact is that you are constantly called out on stupid posts and probably didnt fancy another one, because it was just THAT dumb Also, dead thread?? Its 4 days old you utter bell. One day you will learn to think about what you post. Til then youre just going to continue to sound like you are about 10 years old desperate for all the attention constantly and relentlessly posting daft cr@p apparently gets you.
  5. Yup this thread is excellent insight and cutting edge once again from our resident Daily Mail
  6. FFS, Im surprised you arent even bored of yourself by now
  7. Josh King - Main Discussion - Norwich City - The Pinkun Forums Shout out to the og
  8. Why is Bill nicer to Ipswich fans than he is to Norwich fans?
  9. This is absolutely right. He should think about more than "look at me and my new thread everyone" Saying its something serious with absolutely zero information, omly presumption is just poor
  10. Wait Cambridge posted a dramatic and misleading thread before thinking? Surely not, I wont have it
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