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  1. You seem to reference 'lads' only in all your posts. have you ever been to a Norwich game? there are a very large amount of women that attend. my boyfriend had never been to a game before he met me Dunno, seems archaic to address all fans as lads
  2. Stupid thread He is having a real decent game. He only has 1 crime and I think we all know thats not being pukki. Seems op has just made his mind up and nothing the guy can probably do
  3. Constantly advertising for people to message you for dodgy links is probably why you have no messaging facility
  4. Amateurs Ive been everyone at some point depending who ur asking
  5. Got the only goal so far! Maybe could be the winner, that would be too amusing
  6. Well done on missing my point entirely. Im not wrong though am I? People who come to football forums for their discussions on lockdown and politics are no better than those t!ts who get their news from facebook. Just a different version of the same thing.
  7. Jesus f***ing christ. The people who come here for an escape from the sh!tshow that is our current society, maybe to get a dose of just 'football' are completely out of luck arent they? Why? Why pretend this was EVER about football just to get your post seen????
  8. WTF forum is this? Why? There just has to be places other than a Norwich City football forum to discuss this surely?
  9. Thought this was a thread about the same old idiot posting an illegal link and it getting removed. Over and over and over.....
  10. Why do you care so much about them????? I will never understand this
  11. Good goal from todd too Assume you enjoyed it
  12. Great result But think I'll wait for the insights of uncle fred before I decide whether todd played well or not
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