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  1. I'm lost. Do you actually know the date? The title suggested information that is not present.
  2. Fixed it for you TY, poor old Cambridgeshire posts about nonsense 163 times a day and usually has 1 good post a week. I live in hope.
  3. Yes FTW, I love this thread, and thanks for keeping it updated, really helpful. Top job. PS: Forgot Thompson even existed.
  4. A superbly intellectual retort. I expect nothing less.
  5. What?? Either you replied to the wrong person or you're making stuff up. Again. Where did I mention anything about net spend? This was about you making up 'facts' to support your oddly conceived point.
  6. I'm not sure thats what he meant by you finding that paper scum, fascinating. But sure, take a minute, let it sink in.....
  7. Have a day off from attention seeking. You don't need to start every other thread on here, with ever daft little thought you have.
  8. As the PL is only 27 years old, this was going to be taken by a yo-yo club sooner or later. Us or West Brom had to be favourites. Unless you'd rather we have the record of NOT being relegated the most times? Like say Ipswich, or Forest Green Rovers?
  9. F*ck me. Cambridgeshire's latest thought of the afternoon. To be followed up in another hour with thread/occurring thought number 8 of the day I'm sure.
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