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  1. the snark is related to devaluing my post by insinuating that you knew better, that he had a 2 year contract, which was irrelevant to the point if you are going to be a but of a cnt about it, at least expect it back something that would srve you well with a lot of your postings
  2. erm, right? does not stop it being terminated though does it? found the link https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/mason-greenwood-statement-man-utd-contract-b1102013.html
  3. i agree the poster is a bit of an idiot, but if it sparks this particular conversation, what is the issue?
  4. think I read somewhere that they have already terminated his contract?
  5. the forum states: Matches, tactics, players, rivals, gossip and much more i would say this falls under the much more category also hompohobia is always a conversation worth having, until it exists no more
  6. the rule is if the ball is touching the line from a birds eye view. looks like that probably is nothing to see here
  7. careful of what? upsetting some loser who has nothing better to do than live on the forum. think ill be ok if they ever attended a game can you imagine the opinions theyd actually have
  8. im not sure you of all people have any place offering opinions or advice on in game issues
  9. oh yea because using android is so off the grid and not at all conforming right. did you buy your phone off a nice little local business, couple of happy go lucky lads called Sam and Sung
  10. i thought it was monty at last count? although ive been everyone according to tvb
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