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  1. How do the shirt sales compare to Dafabet ones? I wouldn't have bought BK8 one but have bought Lotus one. I appreciate that shirt sales alone are never going to plug the huge gap in funding.
  2. How can you prove a negative lateral flow test? Surely people could just copy the number from a test without actually taking it?
  3. Is there also an English premium? How much would Lees-Melou have cost from an English club for instance?
  4. Such a beautiful season. I remember going to Stamford Bridge early in the season with no expectation other than a day out and seeing a team that played to its strengths and had belief in itself. They lost but that fighting spirit was in evidence that would give them enough to survive. As a direct comparison, who was better? You'd have to say our current squad, player for player is superior. We have to see whether they make a better team
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