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  1. One of the great 'what if' moments in our history. Would we have gone straight back up under O'Neill? would we have established ourselves as a premier league side again? Would Robert Chase have stayed as chairman longer? Would Dean Windass have joined the pantheon of great footballers with comedy names?
  2. I think it all depends on the international break and how we come out of it. If this team properly clicks it will be champions. If not, the playoffs beckon. I genuinely think we've got too many quality players not to be top 6.
  3. Does anyone else on here coach a grassroots junior team? I've just started my third year coaching my younger son's team. Had a bunch that had never played before, so lost every game in year 1. Last year was a bit better, but it has been a steep learning curve. On the plus side, I have a full squad, they are getting better each week and have really bonded into a happy team of friends. Best of all, they play in yellow so I can legitimately stand on the side and shout, "come on you yellows."
  4. Will be good to see Springett, Tomkinson and Ramsey. Plus giving Sara some longer game time.
  5. At one point we had one of the longest unbeaten runs in European top leagues - was it 10 games or something? Granted, that run was what kept us out of trouble.
  6. For me, a truly great manager has 3 main qualities: 1) tactics 2) man management 3) decision making. The one with the strongest combination of these was Lambert in the years he was here, although I think he had the strongest team around him. Farke falls behind him on tactics in the premier league. Peter Grant and Bryan Gunn were hopelessly out of their depth.
  7. A class act as always. Where would we be now if he hadn't come in? I remember the favourites at the time included Gary Rowett and Mark Warburton. I would think we would have had many years of championship drudgery if an appointment of that ilk had been made and the financial situation would have been considerably worse.
  8. With Timm Klose exiting, there are now very few of that team from the year that changed everything, the team that surprised everybody to take a group of unknown Germans, free transfers and players from the youth team and make them into a side that surprised everyone, never gave up even into the depths of injury times and gave me and many others one of the best years I've ever had as a Norwich fan. The classic line up was probably: Krul Lewis Aarons Zimmermann Godfrey/Klose Tettey Leitner/Trybull Stiepermann Hernandez Buendia Pukki subs: Vrancic, Rhodes and Cantwell I'm taking a moment to raise a glass to that team and all they achieved that has made this transfer window and hope possible. Hopefully Pukki, Aarons, Krul, Zimmermann and Cantwell will be around for a while yet and the others will go on to enjoy the rest of their careers safe in the knowledge they achieved something magnificent that year.
  9. Isn't it nice to have some genuine selection dilemmas rather than sweating on whether we have enough fit players for the squad? Very excited for tomorrow. It promises to be an exciting game.
  10. While it seems better to get a player in early, Norwich have had mixed success with late transfers. The good: Grant Hanley Ben Gibson (loan) The bad: Yanic Wilschut Mitchel Dykes (loan) The ugly: Ignasi Miquel Jos Hooiveld (loan) Hopefully we get it right this time.
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