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  1. Still, a 3-2-4-1 with Pukki in goal and Krul up front sure is a brave line up.
  2. He might not be our next new manager, but he could probably get in our team at the moment....
  3. This has been painful, we've played crap, the tactics didn't work, ditto selections, but just for some perspective: https://www.11v11.com/matches/fulham-v-norwich-city-18-august-2012-298643/
  4. Krul mostly at fault for 3rd goal as he tried a left foot dink 7 seconds earlier that went straight to a group of 3 chelsea players. Once you give away possession in that phase of play, it's not surprising people might be out of position.
  5. yikes. that was BAD. I'd apply for the manager's position, but be warned, if appointed, my solution is to "break the other team's legs and stop fannying about".
  6. Time to get on the hype-train Ladies & Gentlemen. Qualification for europe, here we come! PS - jokes aside, is not to be sniffed at, even if the 3 points were there for us today.
  7. Cringey miss, but he's been one of our best performers this half. Was a mental thing I reckon, I have similar nightmares about missing open goals.
  8. Suspect Dimi got the nod due to added physicality against Burnely diagonal balls over full back.~ Bet 75% of their passes are for a size mismatch vs Aarons at the back stick.
  9. Think so. Although seems a bit of a grey area - both morally and legally - to determine whether you could fly in on the day of the match, attend with a negative lateral flow, and then take the (PCR) test after. In short, it would be a right pain in the bum to sort out.
  10. Not when travelling to the UK from abroad, even from low risk countries - even if you're double vaxxed. You have to order a 'special' one by post and take it on the 2nd day of your arrival, and by special, I mean it costs about £65 at the cheapest.
  11. Agree with OP. I like Hanley as a player, but I've not seen him be particularly vocal to the team (rather than just organising the defence / pointing positionally, etc). Zimmerman would be captain every day for me as he's evidently an erudite man - if he was actually playing... My next choice would probably be Kenny. He's confident, leads by example and a bit mouthy. Failing that, I have no idea - which isn't a great sign.
  12. I don't mean to criticise your Nan's footballing ability, but no, she couldn't. That said - it was a very depressing result, so I understand the sentiment.
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