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  1. Yeh fair enough. Although in our favour is that - provided he keeps his nose clean attitude-wise - he's guaranteed 38 games in the premier next season (if all goes to plan!). Regardless of the attractiveness of clubs in European competitions, I'll be disappointed if we don't at least TRY to keep him by offering our most lucrative contract ever to him.
  2. I'd happily break our (apparently extremely rigid) wage structure to keep Emi. No-one in the squad could argue that it wasn't fair that Emi was the highest paid player, and budgetary concerns aside, squad morale is the main argument for rigid wage structures, so offer him a new contract with the highest wage we can afford without going bust.
  3. Random google just led me to discover that he's the grandson of this noted Poet. Don't imagine many other footballers have that in their family history! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vernon_Watkins And yes, he was terrible for us.
  4. Is this ref winding us up? Can you imagine if Emi had made just ONE of those tackles that the Rotherham captain made? Would have been straight red.
  5. His performance yesterday was very aesthetically pleasing, and rightly gained plenty of plaudits, and am very pleased that he's still here and putting shifts in like that. I'd be interested to see some more objective stats of his game yesterday though, as I felt that the flicks and tricks masked an industrious but reasonably uneventful game for him, but would be happy to be corrected by some stats to the contrary.
  6. Lol @ ref for giving that free kick against Hanley.
  7. Todd can post whatever he likes and he owes no-one an explanation, except for himself, 10 years later, when he looks back cringing. I'm just glad social media wasn't around when I was his age.
  8. Mine too actually now I think about it.
  9. This is fair enough IMO. No Emi, No Party (also less sending offs too)
  10. Every club has them, but in my experience, Wolves, Leeds & Sheffield Utd have been the biggest @rseholes I've encountered.
  11. A fully fit Dean Ashton would be first choice striker for any Norwich team IMO, and would bring the guile / finesse needed for a Farke team, with enhanced physicality. Sutton runs him a close second (although there's no argument that Sutton achieved much more), and in the days of playing two up top a Sutton / Pukki, or Ashton / Pukki front two would have been LETHAL.
  12. Definitely don't agree. He gets nosebleeds any higher up the pitch than 35 yards out.
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