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  1. Orly

    Corbyn Speaks

    ^ This is boll1cks. See below BBC link - 88% misleading ads from Tories, and 7% from Labour - but don't let facts get in the way of nonsense. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50726500
  2. Statistically yes. Just depends how many of the expectant mothers are killed off by the second wave of the virus in 6 months time (like the second wave of the spanish flu). PS - Bored of the virus now. If I get it, I get it. If I die, I die. My only concern, is that I give it to as few other people as possible.
  3. Orly

    Massive Congratulations to Tim Krul

    I was ready to kick Tim to the curb at the start of last season after some weak-wristed performances. Glad I'm just a plebeian and not in charge of decision making as he's been great - even before his Tottenham heroics. Although I suspect whoever ended up being our goalkeeper this season was always nailed on for 'player of the year' considering our not-exactly-wonderful defensive record.
  4. Orly

    Lambert gone.

    It got me anyway.
  5. Orly

    Rupp and Duda

    What site are you using - would be interested to see Duda's?
  6. Onel is injured and out at least for a few weeks was the last update.
  7. Orly

    Rupp and Duda

    I missed the game where Duda apparently played well. I've seen each and every one of his other performances, and to say I'm underwhelmed is an understatement. There is precisely zero chance he will start the next game after that last showing. Was pathetic.
  8. Orly

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Duda. Utter ****e.
  9. Orly


    You are now banned from having an opinion... in my opinion.
  10. Orly

    A dearth of strikers

    I must say, I was a little baffled that Srbeny was allowed to leave when he was. Couldn't we have kept hold of him for a fortnight until Pukki was given all clear? Don't think it would have mattered either way regarding result, I was just shocked at the cavalier attitude to having 1 fit striker with only 2 senior appearances available to go to old trafford. I think my main complaint this season is the recruitment. Whether that's through our obvious lack of finances or us just targeting the wrong players with our available budget (Roberts, Fahrmann, Amadou?), we'll never know.
  11. Orly

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Poor performance all round today. I've already practically given up on avoiding relegation. They'll be better days than this however. Just not today. Onwards and upwards.
  12. Orly

    Aaron Wilbraham

    If we're not already scouting him, we're not doing our job properly. Has looked a real prospect in the 2 matches I've seen him play.
  13. Orly

    Aaron Wilbraham

    That young right back (Mathieson? sp.) is the Norwich fan who scored against Man Utd couple months ago. Maybe that's already been made clear and the above has gone over my head.