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  1. Orly

    Will pukki be sold in January

    If he continues to receive the type of service he has in the last 6 or so games, he may as well be. But I don't think he will on either count. However, his value will only go down from this point, so in pragmatic terms I wouldn't be surprised if the thought had at least crossed Webbber's mind. Personally I hope he stays with us, and sees out the rest of his career here, but I wanted Holt to do the same, so maybe it's best I don't tempt fate by talking about it at all.
  2. What a load of fawning garbage. She seems perfectly nice, but honest to god, why? Purely because some people think she is hot? I don't generally like to criticise (semi) creative endeavours but TNC? More like TMZ... On next week's podcast, Delia's feminine hygiene tips, and Daniel Farke's hot female cousin picks up a bratwurst with her elbows.
  3. Orly

    Moritz Leitner

    Moritz has always struck me as 'potentially a bit stroppy'. Same with Trybull, perhaps Emi too. If true, then he's shot himself in the foot - ask Nelson how criticising Farke worked out for him. Mind you, it's a rumour, so it's quite likely to be rubbish so don't worry about it. I'm not going to.
  4. Don't feed the troll. Just ignore the sad git.
  5. I don't mean to be pedantic but nothing is technically "must win" until we mathematically have to win every remaining match. Oh. I guess I did mean to be pedantic.
  6. Orly

    Farke struggling

    Sacrilege. Herr Farke doesn't struggle, he's just setting the appropriate handicap so the other 19 teams get a fair head start for when he really unleashes the fantasy football. Seriously though. Sacrilege.
  7. Orly

    Penalties or not penalties?!

    Whilst the first was an absolute wind-up, I don't have any grumbles about the 2nd penalty. We've been told 100+ times that your arm should not be in an unnatural position. Additionally, Todd should have been braver and not turned his back on the ball. Harsh, maybe, but this is the premier league, not Sunday.
  8. That's fair enough. Although I didn't say that we 'were marooned', but that we were at risk of it, which I would argue we are. And also, the only time we can conclusively judge what the right / wrong thing to do is once safety or relegation is confirmed, and even then it's still only hypothetical. I'm feeling annoyingly-philosophical today. I'll think I'll go and correct that by drinking 4 pints of stella and calling someone bigger than me a sl*g.
  9. I'm not sure which point you're disagreeing with in my post, but as it stands, it certainly doesn't look like we brought in the players we "needed" as we at risk of being marooned in the relegation zone. Sure injuries played their part to an unlikely degree, but tough luck for us. Rewarding players is great. It's also what promotion bonuses are for in existing contracts though. I'll still be right behind Farke & Webber even if we are relegated, but it doesn't mean I have to be blind to any potential failings in the meantime.
  10. Firstly, I like Delia and Michael and I like the way they run the club. However, I do get a bit annoyed when people talk about us doing it the "right" way. The 'right' way is a pretty objective term to be used so subjectively. The "right" way could also feasibly be Man City "spend zillions, win title" as well couldn't it? I certainly don't view "we only spent 1.5 million on transfers fee" as some form of twisted badge of honour. Frankly, it makes us look a bit tinpot. However, it is what it is. No point whining about it. Just as an aside...
  11. That's only party true. If Todd had scored his (unmarked) chance from inside the penalty area, then the result could have been very different. Same with Stiepermann early on against Villa. Arguably it's our attack that has been underperforming of late. Very little positives from any of our creative players of late, which was at first a novelty, and is now a very worrying trend. Positive to see Onel play well and score though. That's about all I can take from this.
  12. Orly

    Today's Match Thread

    I'm now mentally preparing for relegation. Anything above this now will require such a major turnaround I don't think we have the squad depth to do it. I know it's Man Utd we've been stuffed by (and the Man Utd supporting VAR officials - on the first at least) but it's the worst Man Utd team in my lifetime and they shouldn't be doing us 0-3 at home. Not now, not 10 years ago, I could have barely put up with it 20 years ago. And in all honesty, I'd rather see Tetty at make**** centre half than Amadou, as whilst compartively a midget, his positional sense is 100 times better.
  13. Orly

    Team V Man U

    He was tried in that position a couple of times in his first season and I think he suffered from the same problem Leitner did against Bournemouth, in that he was often in the wrong position (often too close to Pukki) to make use of his range of passing, and he's not particular dynamic (although more dynamic than Leitner, and less than Stiepi). It's the Mayor for me. He'll fancy it against Man Utd. He gets a crate of Buckfast for every win over a 'big team' - it's what makes him jump so high.
  14. Orly

    Ratings v Bournemouth

    Krul's handling was great all game, but his distribution was a bit ropey, presumably due to being a bit rusty. I'd give him a 7 at least. Not sure why Kenny's getting a 6.5. In terms of general play, I think that was one of his best games for Norwich and he's had some good ones. Tetty has just added another 3 years to his stay here, because positionally he was excellent at centre back. He's the new Norwegian Cannavaro! Can you imagine just how much sh!t we'd be in right now if he didn't sign that new contract? Yikes.
  15. Orly

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    Did anyone else notice how many aerial balls Kenny won? I don't know where he gets his spring from, but when everyone positionally rotated around such that he was the main support for Pukki, he won almost every aerial ball played up to him with some decent flick ons too. I guess Bournemouth aren't the biggest side, but still, worth considering him as a direct positional replacement for Stiepermann on that showing? I'd like to see him start there next game, as Mo looks a bit lost that high up the pitch and is more effective with his range of passing further back.