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  1. Don't see it. Seems like a nice bloke but seemingly can't play football at the level we need, definitely don't want him permanently.
  2. Set pieces have noticeably improved this season to give the team and staff some credit.
  3. Liked this, and then felt bad, so will agree with sentiment instead via reply. Reason being is that he's obviously not a very emotionally stable bloke, and whilst he was evidently a total plonker in his tweet, national-wide-twitter-pile-ons don't exactly help the mental health of individuals, so hopefully this is the wake up call needed for him to get some help.
  4. Not quite imo. Marley Watkins away - sometime in the early 2019 season. Can't remember against who, but couldn't believe my eyes. He was hooked at halftime.
  5. Bit delayed in joining in here, but Bottom is my chosen Mastermind subject (second choice: a PhD study in 'Happy Clapper Vs Pant Wetters: A social anthropology'). He (Brian Glover) also had a prominent role in Aliens 3, amongst other things. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0323093/
  6. Todd's done alright. At least he's putting a shift in and being positive when he can be. Tactics wise though, it's very, very ugly.
  7. Was a foul, but his heels are first clipped outside the area by a yard or two.
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