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  1. Hah, the irony of getting out of 'financial fair play' by throwing 8 million at the FA to make it go away.
  2. If you'd had offered me £10 million for Todd at the start of this season I would have laughed all the way to the bank. Such was his rate of development this season, I'll still take 10 million (with a sell on clause), but slightly grumble about it on the way to the bank.
  3. I'm not going to pile on Daniel here in terms of his job security, I want him to stay - but I feel this is on him. His continual "we are favourites for position 20" schtick, and talking about "we cannot bring players with enormous quality so we must work with what we have", etc. Translated, to the squad this says "you're all sh1t". At the very least from a psychological perspective it seems like a bad idea. I suppose the argument could be made that he was taking the pressure off them, but it very evidently didn't work.
  4. On this showing we'd be lucky to recoup the £1 million we paid York.
  5. Was literally shouting this at the TV at that precise moment.
  6. No porkies - possible that I can't count, but regardless am not impressed with him thus far in this match, and I didn't expect much from him beforehand. Also, where can I find in game player stats - do you have a link? Looked but couldn't find them.
  7. Duda has given away the ball 4 times, from the 4 times he's had possession by my count.
  8. I particularly liked how the commentators tied themselves in knots trying to make it sound like Igahlo and Maguire's 2 yard shinned finishes were somehow better than Cantwell's 20 yarder (keeper could have done better, & 'really difficult to get yourself in the position to finish like that (re: igahol) ps - no it's not). Do they have zero awareness of themselves?
  9. Have some of that McTominay you dirty b#st#rd.
  10. Would like to see Leitner get a run out, even though I seem to remember him being fairly cr@p in his last start (Bournemouth?). Best - if at all possible - to keep him 'on side' for our inevitable Championship season next year, where he'll be an invaluable asset if mentally up for it.
  11. Noble subject, I take my leave of you ,my friend. My reply was very evidently a joke, and life is too short. Laters.
  12. The same thing all the other non-football threads (brexit, covid, etc) were doing here - being a distraction from a rather depressing season. Thanks to those who listened. Ps - '..and Smith', and also 'South Sider', if your siblings are on Radio Norfolk, you have my consent to post your own plug without condemnation, am happy to turn the other cheek, even if it is basically welded to the couch in this weather. Now I think about it, maybe the phrase doesn't mean THAT cheek...
  13. Not football related, but my sisters are getting interviewed on BBC Radio Norfolk @ 8pm re: their upcoming EP release, with a few songs being played too. They're an alt / folk / country band. This is just a shameless plug regarding it. If you like it, please send a tweet or a text to https://twitter.com/phil_daley. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_norfolk Their soundcloud and facebook if curious: https://www.facebook.com/thefrisbysband/ Feel free to relegate this to non-football once it's over.
  14. Resident Trybull-fanboy 'offense-taken-mode' activated.
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