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  1. As a Suvverner, I'd like to be going to the new Griffin Park - not Cottaging....if we are allowed back in a Football Ground....ever!
  2. O T - why arent Brentwood in Red and Black/whitish ? Blue and White.....? they've gotta lose!
  3. Well... let’s hope we do. Football is objective - if us NCFC supporters had nothing to bemoan or apply clan mentality to we’d have nothing.
  4. Absolute crp - home of Football laughing stock
  5. Anthony Taylor should be in a red and white shirt
  6. The games ruined by idiots that watch slowmo over and over and over and still come up with a poor decision in a van in Stockley Park - that was no way a second yellow and substitution wouldn’t cost that much time over Stockley idiocy.
  7. Chelsea robbed by the ref.... why no VAR ?? The beautiful game ruined by referees
  8. You can make 5 substitutes but only stop the game 3 times to make them..... I understand it but Why?????
  9. Mason Mount yeller.... starting to think FA want an Arsenal win
  10. Player No. 56 passes it back to the goalie. What a horrific end to a horrible season
  11. Lineaker - £1.7m and I cant stop my payments to him!! It’s like a Ponzi scam. He was crap as a footballer and even more crap as a pundit ??
  12. Next season, people will be watching Championship footie because it’s more honest and not VAR contrived. I’ve mentioned this before on Pinkun and will bore you again. If an attacking team feel they should have a corner, why isn’t this looked at by VAR if the loss of an attacking advantage is such a travesty - or a ‘Clear and Obvious’ ???? WTF!! As opposed to an armpit hair offside (subjective) or a a ball smashed into a defenders arm (arm considered by Stockley Park in an “unnatural position” ) - what attached to the defenders shoulder ?? If VAR infiltrates the lower divisions I will be supporting Horsham - I can wear the same shirts to support my local team....
  13. Absolutely right - as an ex Ref and Lino, you make decision on when you hear the ball struck. Pukkis goal at THFC was off by an underarm hair. Complete
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