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  1. Foxy2600

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Think I'd rather be a Canary than a AV supported today
  2. Foxy2600

    Question regarding Villa.

    So Charlie, what have you got against Aston Villa? Well Jeff (Stelling) - actually nothing. I just think that MC will come out of the blocks and annihilate AV. My prediction 0-5..... If you put a bet on yesterday after Charlies prediction it was 120-1 for a 0-5 outcome !!! There's 25 minutes to go FFS !!
  3. Foxy2600

    Question regarding Villa.

    Prince Andrews nephew will ensure the Brummies stay up....
  4. I think I’m watching a pretty honest game - although I’ve just seen Vardy get a Yellow for sweet FA
  5. Foxy2600

    Man U vs man c

    Seriously, for a few minutes there it was like watching a Charlie Chaplin movie..... or back in the day, an On the Ball Sunday replay that had to be speeded up to ensure the ITV advert break occurred at exactly 2:15 pm. Showing my age..... Anyways - why not take a blood sample off every player leaving the pitch at full time ?? I played Senior football for 4 Seasons at County level. If they’d drained me it would’ve been pure Lowenbrau. Slightly cheaper than Amphetines
  6. Foxy2600

    Man U vs man c

    For that kind of performance late in the game, MC boys have to be on something performance enhancing...
  7. Foxy2600

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    Dyche defo wants to stay up ... he’ll put a bunch of boys out
  8. Foxy2600

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    Alex friggin Scott grinning - just appeared for 6 minutes and pocketed £6k....
  9. Foxy2600

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    Where’s Burnley ? Nevvabeen
  10. Foxy2600

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    So it would be 3-3 then ? And no yellow card..... Replay at Carrow Rd and VAR BIZARRE
  11. Foxy2600

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    D’ya think VAR would’ve turned that over ? Fair play to the Lino - defo level
  12. Foxy2600

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Set piece zonal marking fail
  13. Foxy2600

    BT Sport

    Thanks MP - It was me who asked before and TBH i felt I should've at least posted a screenshot to myself. Anyways another way is to put STREAM into the PinkUn search......works just fine too Not sure I can stomach a defeat by PNE though......
  14. Foxy2600

    F.A Cup

    We were pitiful at Crawley. 3 injured - one permanently! I think Farke has had it with Cups.....
  15. Foxy2600

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    If he were to go to Arsenal, he’s in for a shock - first shanked badly delivered through pass to Aubameyang and the whole red side of the Emirates stadium will want him reduced to the U23 squad for a year or two. The crowd are ruthless in their self-criticism. As a neutral visiting the Emirates on my bosses Season Ticket in 2014 I was gobsmacked at the language used against Wenger. As for poor Sagna.......