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  1. The continued infiltration of 'peaceful protest' by Hard Left rent-a-mobs will result in the following; Increased surveillance (and in the name of even handedness it will need to include the 99% innocent in order to not offend and affront the 1% of actual subversives) Increased law enforcement presence and more stop and search. Private security firms, private armies. Cameras on every street corner. Vaccine Passports and ID Cards. The introduction of 'Shop a Mate' as a way of controlling activism. Monitoring of the Internet and Mobile Phones by GCHQ. Subversives turning the heat up, bleating we live in a Police State, UK is a racist, polluting, misogynistic sh!T - hole etc etc.... Taking Direct Action on every street until they are forcibly moved, isolated and 'disappeared.' A Hard Right One Party State..... China - excellent example - ironically they produce the most pollution, but of course not much protesting goes on there. Invade somewhere on a wave of Nationalistic Fervour.
  2. So, in order of coolness: 1 Take Five Dave Brubeck - Paul Desmond 2.Baker Street Gerry Raferty - Rafael Ravenscroft 3. Big Girl Body Robert Glasper Experiment- Bilal
  3. Played them in 1976, lost 4-2 in an end of season tour match - skinned by a CF who went on to play for Fulham. 6 immaculate pitches and a club house to die for…. - yup building land now
  4. You **** need to attend a Serbia or Estonia game… I doubt a woman was within a mile of the stadium’s unless she was selling Ice Cream
  5. Imagine in downtown Budapest- that kind of ‘pussyness’..
  6. Jeezus! That happens every 3 o/c kick off in Junior and Intermediate Football every bloody Saturday …. Went down like a sack of sh&t - was expecting at least a missing eye or head. Absolutely boll-x
  7. I’d start a NCFC Supporters website Pink - Unt
  8. Crowd trouble already! 3.58 mins in lol!!
  9. I’d buy a scarf, purchase Lotus and hope that I never have to worry about getting a ticket for the team I have followed and loved ever again.
  10. “Where are Norwich going to find the other 39 points” - dunno or don’t really care if Dion is on tonight but he’ll hardly have retort will he?
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