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  1. Foxy2600

    Eddie Howe - wise words

    'Eaiest scam in the world - and I'm afraid those on the right fall for it' Or we just print more and more money to pay for stuff until we run out of borrowing and everyone is unemployed. I'm afraid those on the left have continually pointed to this as Utopia.
  2. Foxy2600

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    In my Sun Football Yearbook from 1971. Sheffield United and Leicester promoted Norwich 10th and Watford 18th Div 2 AV 4th Div 3 Anyways it was 22 in Div 1
  3. Foxy2600

    match thread

    Thank you Binner09
  4. Foxy2600

    match thread

    McBurnie - tough as blancmange - rolling about. Well done ref!
  5. Foxy2600

    match thread

    Cmon Jamal
  6. Foxy2600

    match thread

    Don’t lose the ball Drmic
  7. Foxy2600

    match thread

    Not our game is it lol! ??
  8. Foxy2600

    match thread

    Vrancic Jeez
  9. “The Kids are Alright” The WHO.....
  10. Anyways - I’m a Delia lover. There’s been no bat soup, monkey glands chipotle over green toast or H5N1 bird droppings joue with a Corona
  11. Delia is what? .... 45??
  12. Foxy2600

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Just sayin..... but I think the players (not just their agents) have a lot to say......over the past 27 years of the Prem, I've learnt a contract can just be torn up. There's probably a clause, addendum, appendix that states [in laymans terms] my Boy is Prem material. Don't stay up and this contract is nul-and-void. Agents need their Villa in Barbados....don't we all
  13. Foxy2600

    Wolves Match Thread.

    I'll watch some 'scrimmaging'instead methinks - car crash defending !
  14. Foxy2600

    VAR again Chelsea Man Utd

    Brexit and VAR in the same sentence.... VAR is crp The EU are corrupt, neo-liberalist, bureaucrats who make up laws to suit themselves with impunity - a bit like Stockley Park I guess I see no no connection whatsoever
  15. Foxy2600

    VAR again Chelsea Man Utd

    Another game but a ref gets a clearly and obviously corner for the attacking team wrong. The opposition take a goal kick and score and after committing a foul during the build up and score a goal. VAR - ‘we have to keep in perspective how far we go back’ Huh? Is Neville watching Chelsea MU ??