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  1. 10 points from the last 12 games means - defo cannot be fearful of not being in the playoffs
  2. Ahhhh, one step (6 wins apparently ) from the 'Bi-Annual Holy Grail' of......... VAR Nowhere near a European competition place.... Fighting with WBA, Fulham, Saaarfampton, Newcastle, Brightonistan, CP etc etc ad-nauseum for 16th place D'you know - I'll be honest. The top two in the Championship should be able to join the Europa League. There's so many famous teams in it like: Charleroi Liberec Teplice Bansco Chrudim The Mighty.......Pribrham To actually achieve a Europa League Place whilst vying for a Prem League promotion. It would make all the ndifference.
  3. He's like George Best. Draws the foul and rides it. Just knowing he doesn't have to roll around like Neymar. He didn't have blinder of a game today but was an absolute team player. Just to realise he got a yellow, you know he contributed !!
  4. Don't go near the Fleecewould Muck - Tango in the Night version. I think a 5 year old that had just learned the guitar could do a better job.
  5. Thought so, - we wont be buying him when we go up!
  6. Jeez. Bloody painful with the studio commentary crew of two females and Martin Keown A pound for every Ummm and Ahhhh Weathergirl style to wait for the next frame - Lotto 'Made for Life' Oh well. bin me as sexist. ManU - Real..... well Real Sociadad four nil down. Moved onto the Foxes...as you do. No Madders ??
  7. The way to replace Emi is keep him. Pay him £100,000 a week. To replace him, like-for-like you'd need to find a 23 year old International attacking midfielder. you might have to pay £50m and pay him £120,000 a week. All for the privilege of not caming up against Emi next season. Still, there will be 3 teams going down this year. I'm sure there will be some journeymen in there that'll fit the bill. A sort of Naismith, Brady or Jarvis.
  8. Just ask Piers Morgan - he knows everything! So if Boris sets up a committee to look into it Morgan will say its both incompetent to discuss it and an invasion of your liberty. Its like ID cards - the technology is there but its prejudiced against people who are breaking the law. Most importantly this is not the correct thread.
  9. Strikes me as Bullying and Harassment. If your so-called fans have got enough time money and energy to do that - time to move on. Towards the end I was a little peeved at Mr Lambert and the way he left to go to Villa. He nonetheless grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and secured two promotions and we never lost two games in succession. I thought his move to Pooman road was a bad decision on his part. When it all went Pete Tong there was no way an ex-Norwich and Colchester Manager was ever going to have the ‘Binner ‘ stamp of approval.
  10. Anyways Deans shenanigans and VAR at the West Brom game make mistakes in the EPL pale into insignificance if we go up, when we go up maybe.... we will be highly critical of the ‘Professional’ refs and their crutches in a Heathrow carpark. Or something beginning with C anyway.... Shockley Park - Mike did you see that? Jasper - Yeah got it - offside.... shockley - no the absolutely stonewall handball Jasper - the obvious one was the foul got that too guys - all in hand! Shockley - ? - use the pitch side Vid Jasper - nah don’t need that
  11. It’s funny, we’ve had so many experiences of ‘getting there’ - unless we intend to have a 1/2 billion pound squad, I’d take FA Cup final. Just once - the only other times for me have been the Playoff and being stationed in Düsseldorf for the Bayern game. Could we honestly pay 80,000 a week for EMI ?
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