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  1. Lowestoft Town would’ve played better......
  2. Foxy2600


    Where was VAR ???
  3. Foxy2600

    Match Night Thread -

    Never heard anyone say that ... just C@nt...K@nt and Remorselessly CUN7.....they appeared to be West Ham supporters - apparently Snodgrass, Green and Deano are all C@nts as well .......so proud
  4. Foxy2600

    Match Night Thread -

    Don’t think Wankford are that clever. If hanging on in-the Prem is object then I’d rather be in the Isthmian
  5. Foxy2600

    Match Night Thread -

    F@cking clueless and awful. Standing in a pub with 30 neutrals with my Yellow and Green on. All shouting ‘how much is that **** Cantwell on?’ .... we don’t even look EFL2!!!
  6. Foxy2600

    Farke - Klose's season could be over

    Didnt i see Zimbo limp off at Creepy Crawley?
  7. Foxy2600

    Crawley Tickets

    Safe Standing in Crawllay on a hot balmy summers evening.......whats not to like?
  8. Foxy2600

    Crawley tickets

    BBC 4 - Derek B on TOTP 1988!!! Its a sign !!!!!!!!
  9. Foxy2600

    Crawley tickets

    Home of the 'Red Devils' - Bewbush Stadium I shall be in the 'Bleachers' - some EFL Teams still have 'Safe Standing' thank God. Anyways anything Maggie did away with, the Big Red Blotch on the Tory Sea of Blue were never gonna agree to. To the Terraces and Beyond!! and a nice 0-2 win.....
  10. Foxy2600

    Looking Forwards to Chelsea.

    I'm more worried about our visit to the Check-a-Trade....Peoples Pension ......Bewbush......home of the Red Devils on Tuesday night. Than Frank Lampards ..............
  11. Defo Steve Bruce ....before last weekend he was an 'Also Ran'
  12. Foxy2600

    Tonight...(How to watch game)

    Paid for a years worth of Now TV - as I like Cricket, F1, Golf and an assuredly 5 PL matches per W/E £199 - bloody bargain - fiver a week!! And....and Championship scraps as well - Leeds Nottingham F this Weekend too !!
  13. 22-1 Norwich win....
  14. Foxy2600

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    I predict Shearer will be having a field day on MoTD. What with the new Handball ruling and now VAR, it should just about ruin football for good. I have always maintained if its not available to lower leagues then apart from GLT, endless replays of clear and obvious (???) will just add more confusion for the fans. VAR just ends up with a different opinion (although it could be the same outcome). I like(d) the opinions of the 3 officials - mostly they're right, a few times they're incorrect or didn't see it. Its all part of the game. Enough!! I think NCFC will benefit overall from VAR, I just don't think its good for the game........
  15. Foxy2600

    Women’s World Cup

    Can't take a pen - never needed in 1966