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  1. I was pointing out the irony of hard earned taxpayers money being spent on making a comfortable life for people that have no right to be here and the Jonny Foreigners view that concurs that those people are attracted to fact we give them a roof over their heads and money too. It now appears that the very fund that helps some people in their own countries is being redirected to pay for the result of this illegal immigration
  2. I thought the thread was Immigration at an all-time high?
  3. As usual, nothing. Just telling the truth as it is. as we live in a democracy- make your own mind up ??
  4. Just went through Calais this afternoon - French have left them on the streets, refusing any applications for asylum https://www.gov.uk/claim-asylum/eligibility Frog Mayoress of Calais says we are encouraging them and who is she to stop them
  5. Ah well, clearly a copyright issue with putting Tusk on here. RIP Christine - you will be missed.
  6. I played a friendly match in Jamaica once. The opposition were all in Cameroon kit and their No.9 said he'd been given a signed shirt by the man himself.
  7. Sunday Morning League - a mere love tap “Oh Ref! You gonna blow up for everything today?” “It’s not that bad Ref - he’s walking”
  8. Argies up to their good old ITV Wrestling Bout Night best…. I mean that must be missing teeth and broken neck at the very least!
  9. I did wonder who they were. Townsend didn’t even know he’d played an International against Lewandowski - excellent choice of pundit!
  10. I only turned over for WC halftime and she’s already grating on me! Still 3 goals in 5 minutes - quite entertaining
  11. Peter Walton disagrees - obviously a referee who thinks VAR is the greatest thing since sliced bread. that incident will just encourage diving at the slightest tap
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