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  1. Reminds me of the article a while back which Clattenburg openly stated he chose to influence a games outcome, just because he couldn't stand Bellamy's attitude. Off topic I know but isn't that cheating? https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/21704795/booked-referee-bellamy-diving-penalty-grabbed/
  2. Currently: Watching a extremely dodgy stream, I’m not liking the Hull score… does us no favours
  3. Believe me - at grass roots level either removing them or only in the 18 yard box should be looked at (it was trialled locally back in the 70’s) so 1. Stops biased Lino’s and 2. Stops non-biased Lino’s being abused or even assaulted. The whole point of introducing offsides was to stop ‘goal hangers’ which nowadays could probably be eliminated with a change in tactics.
  4. Full time at the Hawthorns - new owner waiting to be anointed in the wings - stuffed by Southampton aaaaannnndd BOOOOING cos that’s what passionate fans do when your Manager gets banned from the touch line and your team look like a bunch of strangers
  5. Lazy referee, at least 15 yards behind play. That was a stonewall foul
  6. Well, at least I managed to start one - a victory in itself
  7. I hate WBA I hate SOU i weirdly want Russell Martin to prevail…
  8. Millwail are absolute Sh!t3 Really wondering how they cover those acres of Blue PVC seats every weekend Looks like a National League clash
  9. Ahh, you’re on Subs. 3 months on, 3 months off. Must really mess with someone’s mind n’est pas? anyways Ip****e just scored
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