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  1. And as stated earlier the kit had to change due to the sponsor change, would you prefer them to wait another year and change both strips again - in effect forcing the people who buy both to fork out twice at the same time, rather than staggering the cost over 2 years. Simple choice though - if you can''t afford, it don''t buy it. Doesn''t make you any less of a fan to not have the current strip.
  2. “Jason Jarrett is standing by for his first start if Charlton misses out while Peter Thorne could replace Marney, with Leon McKenzie playing wide on the right.” From the Sky Sports preview of tomorrows match – and I thought these guys were the experts. Leon on the right wing, that’s all most as bad as putting a defender in midfield…….on second thoughts maybe they are more in tune with Worthy after all. Oh my god, its Jonson all over again
  3. I know Worthington likes players who are versatile, but this is ridiculous….. “I have talked about Andy’s (Johnson) situation with Sven and our feeling is that if he is playing well and scoring goals then we must keep an eye on him. The same applies to Robert Green” – Tord Grip Before you know it Greeno will be playing up front with Deano.
  4. Agree completely with ZLF and Alex, but compare this the the Division One winning squad, and we are head and shoulders above that team IMHO. The purchases of Hucks, McKenzie, Ashton, Safri, and the latest signings, plus the emergence of Shackell, have given us the best team in the league. I feel more confident with this squad than I did 2 years ago. Fingers crossed that they live up to the potential.
  5. To the tune of Shot You Down (Audio Bullys/Nancy Sinatra) Depending on the colour worn by the opposition “ You wear (colour), we wear yellow, When ashton scores you’ll hear us bellow Deano He shot you down Deano, You hit the ground Deano, Our Deano shot you down.”
  6. Smooth - low compared to who? Palace - sold/released more players than they have brought in (i believe, but will probably be proved wrong) Saints - Ditto Ipswich - Ditto No one in the Championship has done any better business than we have, coupled with the fact that we have not lost anyone that we are going to miss (and I include Helveg in that statement,as we didn''t have him when we went up). Established Prem teams such as Newcastle (as you highlight) have the ability to arrange pre-contract agreements, no player is going to sign one with a club who were a good bet to go down a division.
  7. I agree Temp, still a long way to go. If we were buying people now, just because others were, or because we wanted them in before pre-season, I would suggest that was panic buying. Better to wait, and research targets properly, and to take time in meeting the player to make sure they are right for our club (and that we are right for them). Also negotiations for players can take weeks, remember the Hucks saga.
  8. This has nothing to do with the olympics, more likely G8! With emergency forces stretched to the limit by being posted to Gleneagles, it was a prime moment to strike. The IOC have already stated that this will not affect the hosting of 2012.
  9. Sorry DD, have to disagree on this one, £1.75 mill for Damo is not enough for a player who''s contracted to City until 2008. I think if Damo stays (I do not think he will) I would expect him to perform brilliantly next season – he will have to if he wants to play Prem football as he will either help get us there next season, or he will attract the attention of the Premiership clubs all over again. Therefore we would have a premiership quality player with 2 years left on his contract (still able to command a large transfer fee) and both club and player would be happy. On another point valuations on players depend greatly on the financial state of the 2 clubs in question – if Chelsea were interested we would be expecting nearer 6-7 Million Likewise, if we were in the same financial situation as Ip***t – I would agree that we should “bite their hands off”.
  10. Personally I would like to see him play centre midfield with Safri, and get a out and out right winger who can cross the ball. Ashton has height, McKenzie proved (against a lot of doubters from when we signed him) that he can score with his head, and we would benefit from the high balls from the wings, plus the pairing of Huckerby and Jonson attacking through the middle/left, I think we will score goals a plenty. Jarrett, is always an option to bring on as a more defensive minded player should the need arise. Jonson CAN score goals, but also has the ability to play defensively when required, and will allow our wingers to attack. This of course assumes that Francis is leaving!!!
  11. [quote]while I would like to Francis stay... I fear his committment would be in question by many fans.. I think it is of worthwhile note that Francis hasn''t said a word himself..well that I have read.. all ...[/quote] I agree with Kenny on this, Francis hasn’t said anything, and as we all remember Huck’s agent saying how he was too big for Norwich, and look how that turned out. I’m not suggesting Francis is beyond reproach, as it would be good to hear his side of the story, as we did with Hucks, and as Deano did with regard to the speculation about his future, but I feel a lot of posters on this site are passing judgement unfairly – I may be proved wrong!!!
  12. Reading Megsons comments about the signing of Holt, it looks like Forest came calling, and not being in a position to buy, offered players in a swap – hence the signing of Louis-Jean. Not the greatest piece of business City have ever done, but worthwhile, as we now have cover for a position that needed it (more so if the rumours about Helveg are true). At the very least we have swapped a 32 year old bit part player for a 29 year old with a bit of pace.
  13. Warren Bremner, Canary fan since birth (thanks to my Grandfather) Married to Maxine, who I am slowly converting from Manchester United to the glorious Green and Yellow. 3 month old son – Archie – who WILL be brought up following the one true faith. Currently residing in Pulham Market after 10 years in Kingston, Surrey.
  14. Following the outburst from Olsen about Helveg, these are some of the headlines about Worthy''s response. Worthy Blasts Olsen Worthy Hits Back at Denmark Coach. I read these articles with the thought that Worthy was going to challenge Olsen to a sparring match ala Celebrity Wrestling, but no - we get the usual, polite response from Worthy - "I am very dissapointed with the comments....." This makes my blood boil with the sensationalist reporting we have to suffer, but it is tempered with a sense of pride and happiness that we have such a genuine, unflappable and honest manager at our club. Can you imagine Warnocks response to something like that, he would have to be rushed into casualty for a quadruple heart bypass.
  15. Other clubs signing players???? Take a look at the following link http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/4597769.stm Not many Prem/Fizzy clubs have done any business, so I wouldn''t be overly concerned. I would rather have us sign players that we have checked, double checked and negotiated the best deal for, than sign players "because every one else is" Quality signings, at the right price is what we need, and deals for these types of players take time - look at how long the Huckerby signing took.
  16. Personally I would prefer to be fighting for a return to the Prem rather than worried about winning a Mickey Mouse cup. With 46?? games to play in the Fizzy, adding another half a dozen or so games (including travel to destinations such as Estonia) would be nigh on impossible, and could detract players attention, cause more injuries, and fatigue and jeopardise what is important - Premiership football. Not a good idea IMO
  17. Maybe they are all closet Canaries, and want to divert any prospective purchasors. More likely it is the typical British Media doing their best to be as negative as possible about any England performance.
  18. Just heard that Rooney and Ferdinand are going to miss the USA tour, and Sven has indicated that this could pave the way for some younger players to be included. I know who I would choose!!!!!
  19. Just to counter all the fans who think that Fulham will take their feet off the gas, and be looking forward to their holidays, consider this. If results go their way, and taking into account the £500,000 per place that is on offer, Fulham could find themselves £2million better off come Sunday night, by virtue of jumping 4 places in the league. I for one think that we should be looking at this game as the first of next season, rather than the last of this. OTBC
  20. Dexter Blackstock - 4 goals in 14 games for Plymouth.Doesn''t sound like Premiership quality to me, but will be touching wood as these comments normally come back and bite me on the Lawrenson
  21. Saints have now recalled Dexter Blackstock from his loan spell, so along with Ormerod coming back, sounds like ol''Arry is panicking a bit.
  22. If any of you have read Iwans diary of last season (and if you haven''t - shame on you) it seems that Bellers was constantly labelling himself "the best player at the club" and was regularly ridiculed about it, and on one occasion locked in the coach toilet on the return from an away match. Don''t think he will ever lose that arrogant streak, but I for one would have him at my club in a shot. As long as the manager handles him the right way. Bellamy will never be a Big fish in a big pond to use his analogy, he would never make it at Madrid, as there are too many egos there for his liking. I think he has found his home at Celtic, as he is likely to be the best striker in that league, and will be hero worshipped like Larsson.
  23. From BBC Gossip Column Norwich are lining up a summer move for Rochdale''s 22-year-old goalkeeper Matthew Gilks. (Daily Express) If, (stress the if) this is true, we will have 5 goalkeepers???? Which makes me think it is a bit wide of the mark. Unless Greeno is going. I would rather lose greeno, and use the money to keep Shacks, and gete in another central defender. Francis - if we go down, he will be gone, of that I have no doubt.
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