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  1. Any more news on the Brazilian trail players?? I know its more of a long term option but i havent read anymore about it...
  2. IF we could have another loan as i dont think we could get him for 15m i could be wrong but I would go for Choudhury. Have liked the look of him when I have seen him for Leicester, loves a tackle and has some good pace. Looks like he's off to Newcastle
  3. I think he would be a good signing, Turkish International with plenty of experience for a young age. Against the stronger teams I think we would be better suited to 3 at the back and 2 wing backs.
  4. Didn't he recently get a tattoo of the club badge?
  5. From what I have seen of him recently, he doesn't seem very mobile and quite seems quite slow, we need a play that can cover the ground and win back the ball. It would be a no from me
  6. I think we will sign a CDM and this will be all, think loaning out Placheta would be a good option, I would personally keep Hernandez as a pace option from the bench/in the squad, if we start with Tzolis & Rashica or either of them pick up injuries we don't have any back up players with pace. I dont see Hernandez starting but a option if required Would love to see another CB come in but think it may be too late
  7. The only concern is we have no fight no nasty player who will put a foot in. We were like this when we last came up, were too nice. We havent looked competitive at all. I dont expect us to win these types of games but I'd like to think we should have spells in the game where we look good and create a few opportunity's but we don't...
  8. If we had Skipp in the side yesterday do you think the outcome would have been any different?
  9. Its hard but think although its bad timing he will be sold, couple of reasons, I think the rumours will turn his head a bit like last season so not sure how well he will cope with that which may impact his performances, if he has a bad season we will never receive the sort of money touted for him again. Or he could have a great season and he doesn't sign a new contract and we risk losing him on a free..
  10. Have to agree with you, just my preference if it was an option
  11. Saw a week ago Villa were linked with Tammy Abraham, im guessing he is now an option for Southampton? Which could leave Armstrong still available... If Todd is off I would try go after Danjuma even for 20 - 25m you would make money on the lad in time if needed
  12. I would personally start with Duda, we seem to always start stronger and create more in the first 45 mins, if hes not 100% match fit i think his creativity would be more beneficial in the first half, to try and get more than a 1 goal lead going into half time.
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