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  1. [quote user="no future"][quote user="thebigfeller"]Chase? The football was on a different planet: we should never forget that. And while he oversaw two FA Cup semi-finals, three top five finishes, the elimination of Bayern bloody Munich and all the rest of it, since December 1995, Norwich City have been knocked out of domestic Cup competitions by a lower division team on no fewer than 15 separate occasions. How many times have we beaten a higher division opponent during that entire period? Zero. None at all. Norwich City 0, The Rest 15. That is Delia Smith''s epitaph at this club - and it''s an absolute embarrassment.[/quote]Good point about cup competitions, our excellent record in them was also during an era when they were taken a bit more seriously. These days we always seem to be too preoccupied with promotion or survival to really bother with them. I seem to remember someone on our board suggesting that playing in the Europa League wasn''t financially worth it and a bit of a drag given the amount of air travel involved! If anything signaled a lack of ambition and understanding then it was this.Ever since Walker left in 1998 the football has noticably deteriorated, yet is often hyped up as being brilliant. At youth level in a recent televised game the team were endlessly giving the ball away because of poor technique and organisation, but most fans seemed to think they played excellently. Adams was hyped up partly on his FA Youth Cup exploits, but the team was nothing special in terms of the standards set during Chase''s era. Back then the youth, reserves and first teams played pretty much the same way as demonstrated when our youth and reserves seamlessly slotted into the first team during our UEFA Cup campaign.Chase''s era is comparable to today''s in the sense that the standard of football can be compared regardless of the differing landscapes. It has gone from a good organised technical game to something that we''d have turned our noses up at 20 years ago. The passing was fast and instinctive instead of slow and telegraphed, and we could keep the ball far, far better. Gary Megson, Chase''s worst manager, was derided at the time for the bad quality of football, but today a lot of fans would be hailing someone like him for instilling an exciting fighting quality into the team.Both Mike Walker and Harry Redknapp have spoken about the lack of technical ability employed by managers in the English game over the same timespan, so it''s painful for those of us that remember the Walker and Stringer eras to see us go from high quality to low. This is especially the case when you see a team like Swansea opt for high quality, overtake us and end up playing in Europe.At present there is definitely something of a corporate management culture at the club that has edged out our footballing identity, everything is over-managed by people with spurious job titles and driven by targets. Rather than improving the football we get the failings glossed over with the help of the club''s public relations department.[/quote]What utter rubbish!!! The sort of football you talk about from years and years ago is antiquated by today''s standards. We played brilliant football under Nigel Worthington and topped anything from Chase''s days when Lambert was in charge. If we went back to the past like you suggest then we''d get blown out of the water by teams good at countering the pretty-pretty approach.You''re harding making a good case by citing dinosaurs like Redknapp whose team got relegated and will probably be relegated again this season. Instead of harking back to the past and attacking Neil''s FA Youth winners why don''t you try supporting the team in its quest for promotion? A couple of wins and Neil will be hailed as a genius as we once again challenge the top spots. OTBC!
  2. [quote user="Jenkins"]coming on strong wrote the following post at 29/11/2014 10:20 PM: Disgraceful behaviour. I hope McNally bans these hooligans. Looks like somebody has reignited one of their old accounts?[/quote]The reason I hardly post is the same as many people what with the abusive nature of this board. It seems many who were realistic and quite measured last week have now turned and joined the baying mob attacking our club. We''re by no means out of the promotion mix, but now we have so-called ''fans'' booing the team and revelling in speculation about Neil''s job. I suspect the ''respected'' posters are just seeking attention and not wanting to be on the ''wrong side of the fence'' should the axe fall. One minute they''re defending the club, the next they''ve turned 180 degrees.True fans need to rally round Neil and the board or else we''ll let a vocal minority influence the majority and wreck all the hard work put in by the owners. The booing of the team and the ugly scenes in the video are an absolute disgrace.
  3. I can''t see Adams going to Man United and Phelan taking over, so next in line with managerial experience is Gary Holt. Unless it''s someone who has been sacked recently then I can''t see there being many outside candidates should Adams be dismissed.
  4. Whatever happens Neil will be remembered for building a strong championship squad and keeping the ship steady in turbulent waters. If he goes then his successor can reap the fruits of his labour.
  5. Good on you John. We need our senior players to show us that they care. This sort of reaction is better than players moping around feeling sorry for themselves.
  6. Lots of relegated teams don''t bounce back immediately, look at Fulham. We need to stick with Neil and get behind the team. Changing manager isn''t the answer and we need stability in order to build anything from where we are now. If we''re not careful we''ll get stuck on a merry go round of changing manager every time we hit a sticky patch. If we had sacked Ken Brown in the 1981/82 season we probably wouldn''t have gone up.Win the next two or three games and a go on an unbeaten run like we did earlier in the season and we''ll be comparing Neil to Dave Stringer again. Come on, let''s be ''aving you! OTBC!
  7. Call yourself a fan? I think it''s terrible when our own ''fans'' boo the team and then come straight on here to call for the manager to be sacked. I hope the board don''t buckle under ''fan'' pressure and refuse to give Neil the chance to turn it round. Our excellent form earlier in the season means that he deserves the chance. Phelan needs time to work his magic before we make any knee jerk decisions.
  8. We''re still only 4 points off the playoffs. We just need to sneak a win and I''m sure the tide will turn. Nobody is running away with the league so far this season and if we can put a run together then we''ll be back challenging the top two soon enough. OTBC!
  9. [quote user="Scot-e-dog"][quote user="coming on strong"]Pulis is waiting for a PL job so I don''t think he would want to come here. We need to give our new coach time to bed in as he''s only been here a few days![/quote] Are you for real CoS? You seem to think a horrible run of 10 games is ''rub of the green'' and that Adams hasn''t had time. This squad is good enough to destroy this league and showed that at the start of the season. However, steadily Adams has managed to make it worse and worse and worse. Just how long should we give him then?[/quote]He ought to have until the end of the season. Keep faith in the board!
  10. Pulis is waiting for a PL job so I don''t think he would want to come here. We need to give our new coach time to bed in as he''s only been here a few days!
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="coming on strong"]We''ve dominated the game but just don''t have any luck at the moment.[/quote]i''m sorry??!! we''ve what??? Reading have been playing keep ball for nearly all of the 2nd half...[/quote]But they''ve not done too much with it. It''s easy to be negative but Norwich just haven''t had the rub of the green lately.
  12. We''ve dominated the game but just don''t have any luck at the moment.
  13. [quote user="Iwans Big Toe"]As I mentioned in an earlier post we could do worse than look at the Barcelona model where the club''s fans pay for the privilege of voting in that years President. They do not have a say in the day to day running of the club, but in fact get to appoint the person that does each year. So if you''re doing well, you keep your job, if you''re not doing so well, then may be it''s time for someone else to have a go and see if they can do a better job. If they don''t do it then a year later we can give you your job back or try someone entirely new. It stops the 20 year rut of going round in circles making the same mistakes that this football club currently finds itself in.[/quote]What would happen if we voted McNally out? Is there an endless supply of CEOs and would they actually want to come to Norfolk? It might work in a crazy place like Spain but I doubt our fans would pay to vote for someone to run the club. Buying votes doesn''t exactly sound very democratic.[quote user="Iwans Big Toe"]We could also look at the 50+1 system that is working so well in Germany at the moment. German football at both national (Bundesliga), continental (European and UEFA cups) and intentional (World cup) is performing better than English football. The game is exciting, successful and even profitable in this country. I would like to see for Norwich City adopt a few of these policies, tailored of course to fit the unique situation in England and at this club.[/quote]Germany is a much richer country than the UK so it stands to reason that they''re ahead of us. If Norwich fans owned the club then it would be chaos with rival inners and outers at each others throats. We''re doing quite well overall with Delia, so I don''t think it''s worth trying to fix it if it''s not broken. 99% of supporters are fully behind Delia despite relegation and the recent poor results.We''re lucky at Norwich that the club listens to the fans and the various supporter groups. Other clubs are run for the benefit of their owners or are otherwise struggling with debt.
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