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  1. That's the spirit. 30 games to go, all sorts of shocks up and down the table so far this season. Get a grip.
  2. Agree - Amadou already on the deck before the Palace guy took the opportunity to tumble over him.
  3. Bernardo Silva was wishing somebody shouted 'BEHIND YOU' at him a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Does the Theoklitos sticker keep randomly leaping up into the area above it's space?
  5. I had an email confirming I'd sold my ticket back for the West Ham game. Rang the ticket office and they confirmed this is an It error - the messages are being sent out randomly and if you get one, not to worry - the game is not even on their system yet and season ticket seats are safe! Good job - even though beating West Ham will probably relegate us...
  6. Parma gets it. This team has enough to consolidate it's position this season by playing consistently to it's strengths. We will have some wonderful highs and some frustrating lows but will put enough on the board before the end of April.
  7. Any post about Wilder will always be a welcome excuse to repost these...
  8. Delia has been in charge for a lot longer Pig Mince.
  9. Just been to the travel agents to book my next holiday. While I’m in there a Manchester City supporter came in and asked for ideas for his next holiday. I said "You can’t beat the Canaries at this time of year."
  10. Lakey, just returned to this board after a night out and I am delighted you're getting some kudos for a change. It's also good that the usual miserable ar5eholes are absent because we pulled off such a great result and those players who usually get slated were excellent.
  11. Thanks Ricky. Just caught the highlights over here in the US and needed your report to flesh it out with balance!
  12. They really are **** aren't they? Who can forget the relegation countdown clock from 2011 they quietly had to take down!
  13. ****ing hell. I am in Walt Disney World, just got on the WiFi and nearly three my phone into the lake by The Haunted Mansion! Amazing. This team is staying up and then some!
  14. I hope he's a better estate agent than he is a penalty-taker as that seems to be his next 'adventure'.
  15. If I was a player, just the thought of facing the current Man Citeh team would muddy my waters.
  16. When viewing Til's 'special' hard drive, that's not the only thing!
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