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  1. I can only think of this to the tune of the Bananarama song, " Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" "Na Na Na Na Na Na, Hey Ricky! Van Wolfswinkel" I think Spurs used to sing it for Chris Armstrong.
  2. His armband proves he''s yellow and green, Grant Holt! Grant Holt! and he''s a F***in goal machine, Grant Holt! Grant Holt! he scored a goal against the blue, and then he scored another two, Super Grant Holt City''s No. 9
  3. To the tune of, "The Animals went in two by two" He scored the goals that got us up, Grant Holt, Grant Holt. And then he lifted up the Cup, Grant Holt, Grant Holt. We got the lad from Shrewsbury, he''ll score you one or two or three. Grant Holt, Grant Holt, City''s No.9 Na, na, na, na ...... Grant Holt
  4. I can remember Grimsby away in the mid 90''s, Akinbiyi equalized late on for 2-2. A few of us jumped the ad boards at the front and dodged the stewards and celebrated with the players. Akinbiyi crapped himself and ran away but I can remember Bowen & Newman loving it. We then got chased by the stewards but we all dodged them and got back into the stand. We were then chanting at the Grimsby fans, "We were dancing on your pitch" they weren''t very happy especially outside the ground after the match. Unfortunately for one of my chubby mates he couldn''t get his leg over the ad.board so couldn''t celebrate with us.
  5. He is simply not good enough, he doesn''t tackle, loses concentration very easily, dithers on the ball, doesn''t apply aggression when necessary, seems to lack positional awareness, his head goes down very easily and I would suspect lacks the required mental toughness for a professional footballer.
  6. Not fussed either way, whoever we appoint nothing is guaranteed, I''m just fed up with all this constant upheaval and bullshit it is not doing us any favours. The bit of success that Worthy had was preceded by a period of rebuilding, I''m not sure any managaer we appoint will be afforded that luxury any more.
  7. Letter received this Morning, form completed this Morning, envelope sealed this Morning, envelope posted 1st class Monday Morning.  
  8. [quote user="Chrisr"][quote user="I am a Banana"][quote user="Chrisr"][quote user="I am a Banana"] [quote user="Chrisr"][quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="Clipped Canary"]Because Sky and ITV are showing the game, only one of them had the rights to show the team names and score and time. Guess who paid more........ [/quote] It''s pathetic is''nt it.  In fact the game itself is a bit dire so far. How on earth Steve Ryder can say ''we''re getting the quality and spectacle we expected'' is rather beyond me, it''s been a load of pie so far. [/quote] Having said that, apart from the first 10 minutes it''s always nice to see United getting their ar*e handed to them on a plate! [/quote] Im guessing your rooting or barca? [/quote] Not really. If i''m honest it doesn''t have Norwich involved so I don''t really care either way. But seeing Ronaldo inconvenienced at the end of the evening would be nice. [/quote] so do you have a 2nd team?? or norwich and only norwich?? [/quote] Yep just Norwich. I couldn''t really care less about England either. To be honest if Norwich wer''nt around I probably wouldn''t watch football at all. Strange but true. [/quote] Well we aren''t really watching much football while they are around.
  9. [quote user="CT "] [quote user="bluemike"]Jim Magilton, maybe ?? [/quote] I''d have taken Magic over Gunn any day [/quote]  
  10. The ones around here seem to want her to die.
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