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  1. I quite like Jonas, yes he''s past his prime but he gives his all and still looks good going forward. Yobo I''m less impressed with not the forward thinking we were hoping for. I still think we have an alright squad but it just isn''t being used
  2. Sell him to a Champ/Scottish club. Get him off the books and away from Villa
  3. Someone on the Wrath just posted that the club have had a couple sent back this morning
  4. 12 onwards will be when the drinkers arive, 10-11 will be the ones having a breakfast
  5. There are 700 ASTs (I''m one of them) and EPL clubs have to give 10% or 3000 tickets (whichever is lower) so if you''re a HST then as logn as you get your application in on time you''ll be fine.I don''t go to as many home games as I''d like and frankly I don''t have to justify that, what does it matter that I only made 4 home games last season?
  6. 89-90 goes for £70-£10092-93 £40-£60Anything after and the price drops, I bought the Tartan Army shirt for £8Have seent he 94-95 home shirt for £15 but anything from the 98 onwards you''ll do well to get a tenner I would say.Hope this helps and if you are selling any larges let me know I''m always looking to add to my Nodge collection
  7. There are some if you do the rounds, Whittingham was heavily linked with us, whilst Burke, Kebe and McGugan have also been mentioned, the defence is all quiet but it probably needs the least work. Lambert will have some up his sleeve
  8. They haven''t paid for the images, anything put on facebook/social sites without specifically setting privacy settings are in the public domain and can be replicated, much like many people do with copying and pasting avatars etc.Anything you write on here can be used as a direct quote as well, I write on other Nodge forums and have had quotes taken and put into Pinkun stories, they didn''t ask but did ask for the full-er story when I got in touch.
  9. I wouldn''t say it''ll be easy, I see where you''re coming from but there will be plenty of people wanting to get to games. I''m a super member and I''ll be putting in for every game I can get to. I''m also an away ST someone above asked about them, it''s £20 to guarantee a ticket for every away game (inc cups) plus £10 for any additional AST you want, you can send back 5 tickets before your ST becomes void. Applications are only available on request from the club, it''s capped at 700 and last week there were 500 sold.
  10. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZSOhpTqDK8[/url] Never seen anything like it, fans pressed against windows for a glimpse, setting up the night that was OTBC
  11. There were 1700 written applications (including me) all of whom were successful and they went on general sale on Monday, there was a big old queue after the Derby game. Of 3200 I would expect them all to go as we have a chance of being promoted at the game
  12. Living in Chesterfield and watching them a bit I can say no, he''s not fast or fit enough to play at a higher level anymore. He is an intelligent footballer which is why he does so well in league 2, he wouldn''t be able to run off Holt or Aaron and I don''t see him contributing anything beyond what we have. Davies is a better prospect from Chesterfield, strong, fast, fit and has a good touch/shot. Saying that I''d have me over Platt in the team
  13. We won''t get any more, that end (which holds 4500) now is a family area and has ST holders in it, seems odd having a family area next to away fans
  14. Sky have it, it has made train travel back a little difficult
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