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  1. Sorry for saying hurty words about Delia and her supporters. I hope I didn’t upset you too much.
  2. Supporting Norwich City does not mean I have to have unbinding loyalty to the majority shareholders. I follow the club, not Delia Smith and Michael Wyn-Jones. Also, this view that I have to be outside Carrow Road with a pitchfork if I don’t necessarily agree with how the club is run is absolute nonsense.
  3. I can have absolutely any opinion I want about my football club, and I don’t have to justify it to a condescending and patronising plank like you.
  4. I think S and S had us playing a functional, if not beautiful, style of football with the 4-4-2 which included Idah. As soon as he got injured, that system had to be scrapped. Having only one fit senior striker, who at 32 has been playing non stop for club and country for 2 years plus, is absolutely not good enough from our recruitment team.
  5. She’s laughing knowing that despite how many woeful PL seasons we have, she will always have her army of zombies defending her to the hilt.
  6. Come on, be honest. Were you a huge Farke fan before that first promotion winning season?
  7. So Farke should have been given more time, despite his awful Premier League record, but Smith should not be given any time, even before he’s been allowed to bring any new players in? Ok then.
  8. With another pathetic Premier League campaign nearly over and relegation confirmed, time for Mr Webber to do the right thing. Last time in the Premier League we lacked physicality. Guess what? He didn’t get enough players to fit this mould. Our best player was sold and replaced with players that have contributed next to nothing, or in some cases, barely got a kick. To cap it off, his infamous Times interview all but confirmed he’s sticking around to do us a favour, in between climbing mountains. I’m sorry, but you’re not really that indispensable. I nearly forgot his aggro with fans outside the ground too. Thanks for everything Stuart, but time to hand in that notice.
  9. Remember though, it’s not our fault. It’s because of dodgy referees, a small budget and all sundry of other reasons that aren’t our fault. As long as this excuse culture exists, Norwich City will never be a competitive Premier League club.
  10. Burnley are historically a club not bigger than us and with a budget I assume quite similar. And yet year on year the club shows hunger to stay in this division. Compare that with us
  11. I doubt our majority shareholders will be that ar$ed about relegation though tbh. And people wonder why none of these players and a lot of fans have very much belief.
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