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  1. They’re not negative for the sake of it. They’re what’s happening in the real world. Not everybody is a mindless fool like you who has been brainwashed by the Boris cult. You’re basically a sheep mate.
  2. How is that a positive from Brexit?
  3. I actually agree with Dock the Boat on this occasion. Although you’re still the forum’s resident misogynist, homophobe, racist and nonce apologist.
  4. According to your profile you’ve logged in today. Is that yet another lie from Swindo?
  5. The trouble is, you only care how Brexit affects you. You have no regard for the thousands of businesses that have seen their operations and turnover drastically reduce because of the delays, red tape and confusion over Brexit. Some of these people’s livelihoods are being severely affected and they are struggling to pay the bills. But hey, your weekly shop is cheaper, so all good. A typical selfish Brexiteer.
  6. So has the UK not got any debt then? If not, please provide proof Marty.
  7. So could that not be why the EU are borrowing money then? By god you’re a f ucking moron.
  8. Live pictures of Swindo’s brain
  9. What a sick individual you are, using the deaths of innocent people to point score #scum Ps, where did you copy that paragraph from?
  10. Please don’t name call. We know how much you don’t like it Swindo.
  11. Wrong. Try again mate. You might ‘gat’ something right eventually.
  12. Brexiteers like Swindo are just weak minded fools that have been brainwashed and conditioned to hate the EU, without actually knowing why. Swindo has shown for nearly five years that he cannot explain why he doesn’t like them, aside from copying and pasting anti-EU articles from right wing sources. Just an empty vessel ultimately and a Tory sheep. There’s no point trying to debate or engage with him.
  13. It’s not yours either, judging by the amount of s hite you write.
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