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  1. Where that highly offensive to disabled and retarded people, I would suggest you re word that. Secondly would you like to counter the argument. How does subbing on a young striker for 3 or 4 minutes most games in anyway help us or his development?
  2. Lol Farke is a massive joke bringing off Pukki in the 89th minute for Idah, he is clueless
  3. Lol yeah so great when we are bottom of the league jesus wept
  4. Also can anyone explain to me why we are intent on crossing the ball when there CBS are like 15ft
  5. This is a joke we have no attacking threat, who was gia going to cross that to!?
  6. Wtf , how can a professional footballer underhit a ball so badly
  7. That's was absolutely dreadful by Pukki. So slow took far to long
  8. Kabak really needs to calm down, that's a needless yellow. Ombadalie must be wondering why he isnt getting this chance.
  9. Starting to come in to it a bit now which is nice to see. Glad the ref got the yellow card out straight away for that.
  10. This has been dire so far. Brighton playing the same formation, but look at the position of their full backs compared to ours.
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