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  1. I don't even bother watching us at the moment. I won't until he has left, inept manager. He is worse than Hughton imo
  2. What the hell was Byram doing, he was in the right back position with Aaron's, dreadful
  3. Why cancel something that brings people joy ? I never understood this.
  4. Ramsay was brilliant first half, not sure what game some people were watching
  5. Think everyone needs to calm down a bit, there is no way Sunderland can keep up this intensity, they will be knackered second half and we will pick them off.
  6. It says its on sky sports . If you however don't have sky sports and wanted to watch it on the website, I heard Belgium is a nice place to visit this time of year
  7. I have a VPN and watched every game bar this one on it as watched it on sky
  8. It's simple as this really, we were playing a striker on the wing. He is not a winger he is a striker
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