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  1. Yeah unfortunately he did this no where near enough and as it says in the commentary only his second goal. Imo we did very well the money we got for him he is a bottom of the prem at best lb imo
  2. As title says, I assume this is for the FA cup ?
  3. Very very soft pen ref has given that because I think he knows he has got some decisions very wrong and felt he owed us one
  4. Oh I have a season pass on the international one
  5. Ok thanks for your replies have to pay a 10er on my UK one lol
  6. Has anybody else only got radio commentary?
  7. Did anyone else just hear Holt say " I think Hughton is telling them not to get forward so quickly "
  8. Used to be my go to but better players were destroying me down the wings, I heard the 41212 wide is good on this one but not tried it
  9. I am member on that forum, for every helpful person there are 3 unhelpful lol
  10. Hey I am a currently division 1 player, I do have a good team though, goalkeepers height is very important on this 1 again, I am currently using 89 Courtois and he is a beast, if out of budget I would recommend getting a goalkeeper at least 6"4. Formation I play 4 2 3 1 with CAMs not wide. You need to have two CDMS to play in the CDM positions, to many people stick midfielders there. If your really struggling with defending have both set to stay back while attacking. If not have 1 or neither, I personally have neither stay back but I am rocking Kante and Allan so both are very good. Full backs must be set to stay back while attacking. All the cams don't change there player instructions bar the centre one who I would put to stay forward on defensive behaviour. Your striker needs to be stay forward and get in behind. I would play your defensive depth at 3 and pressure on heavy touch, if your still struggling go to a depth of two, pace down the wings is very effective on this game. On attack and defensive set your width to 5 or 4 I personally have 5. Players for free kicks and corners set to 2 and players in the box I would have at four or 5. Hope this helps
  11. I am utterly sick of this Farke ball, he has to go.
  12. Original poster may always be negative but lets be honest he isnt wrong, for all the possession there was no one who could play a killer pass
  13. Agreed, looks very very poor. I can see Pukki being isolated. Or maybe he will surprise us and play an attacking 433
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