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  1. I got Tim Sherwood and Mario Melchiot on optus sports lol
  2. As expected. Guessing Amadou needs more training with the squad
  3. Correct NBC sport does not. However Optus sport in Australia does and that's what I am using right now. Watching Arsenal then the Norwich game. It's not as simple as just getting a vpn though if anyone wants to know how to do it pm me as I think if I did a step by step guide here would get in trouble lol
  4. Steady on. You not remember us beating Ipswich!?
  5. How many more is Bamford going to get away with!?
  6. I don't know what pleases me most Ip5W1ch going down or Leeds falling apart again
  7. Just mean we shouldn't be gambling with the club's future by spending money in the premier league we can't afford. Firmly believe most the team is good enough for the premier.
  8. Great story and exactly how this club should be run going forward
  9. Lol @ Leeds losing to 10 men Ipswich. How is that possible
  10. You would normally want to avoid third in play offs but as it stands Derby must be rubbing their hands lol
  11. I am happy with this to be honest. I don't think we should be spending lots on unknown talents or on players who get relegated with their current teams. Look at Fulham for example they spent 100 million and look where that got them. These players got us there and deserve a crack there. I would like 3/4 additions for me it would be another striker to help out pukki, suitable back up for Buendia as really have missed him when out. Another CDM to play tryball role and a another CB. Got that would be more then happy.
  12. Yeah was a stonewall. One things has made me realise are defence isn't that bad Brentford are all over the place
  13. Would of agreed with you before today's game. But after watching today a few players did and we look devastated at final whistle
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