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  1. At the time when he was a Norwich player, we were. That was my point.
  2. Not seen empty seats like this for years. I remember making the comparison to Ipswich. When they got 14-16k under MM, I claimed we’d have similar in the same circumstance.. and that Ipswich could match ours in our ‘then’ current circumstance. The way things are looking, Ipswich’s actual average attendance could be higher than ours this season. Gloomy outlook.
  3. Apologise? Why? The 9 game unbeaten run proved he was wrong to call for his sacking after the first three games. I’m struggling to make an argument for Smith currently, but injuries to key players have not helped. Once Hayden and Dimi are fit and starting, the injury card cannot be played. Webber is going to give him more time, and allow him to have key players fit, so we’re going to have to ride it out for a few more weeks yet. Smith has to make some big calls. Sargent has to go through the middle, and he needs a couple of pacy wide players either side - perhaps that’s Rowe and Hernandez.. and then a 3 of Nunez, Sara and Hayden might just be the answer. Those are the straws I’m clutching at, anyway.
  4. Disagree. Taken a long time to flourish, too long for Norwich to wait as a top championship and EPL side.
  5. Yeah I agree. Rashica and Tzolis type of players, with Sargent through the middle.
  6. Nunez needs to start. He’s still adapting, and now having to contend with being the oppositions target as our most creative and influential player. I really hope Hayden, Sara, and Nunez is the answer. But a point I raised earlier, I have a suspicion Smith wont play both Sara and Nunez together.
  7. I think Smiths ‘style’ or possibly lack of, is a bit of a red herring. The squad is overrated and not hungry.
  8. A change was needed, to try and prevent us getting relegated. It didn’t work out… but it had to be tried. Farke was taking us down, and was past his sell by date.
  9. The players have a lot to answer for. Pukki’s performances this season, and attitude (judging by his body language) is just not acceptable and something I’d never thought I’d say about a model pro. Smith is having to work with a demotivated squad with too much baggage from a couple of relegations. The last transfer window should have seen a big upheaval.. and we should’t have been spending huge money on the likes of Sara. Easy to say now, but why even take that risk. That £11 million could’ve bought half of Luton’s team tonight.
  10. Smith will still be given time by Webber. He will be allowed games with Hayden and Dimi fit and available.
  11. Farke had to go. You can’t blame the current situation on his sacking, or blame fans who wanted him out.
  12. We’ve had this coming. Too much talk about the squad being the best in the league, talk about how we stay up next season in the EPL - like it’s a given we get promoted. A mix of entitlement and complacency amongst supporters, players and staff has eroded the life out of the club. Carrow road is a morgue… Teemu Pukki, I can’t believe what I’m witnessing - he’s downed tools… Dean Smith has no connection with the fans.. and appears the players aren’t fighting for him. And once again, our transfer business has been dreadful. Worrying times.
  13. I’ve defended Smith, and was a keen advocate to afford him some time this season. I think that time is nearly out, sadly. I can see players not playing for him.
  14. That thought crossed my mind upon seeing the starting 11 tonight. Crying out for those type players, with Sargent through the middle.
  15. Leitner was incredible that day. One thing Farke struggled with, was managing big personalities. Not having Leitner weakened us.
  16. Is it? Completely anonymous if not on it. Would much prefer Dowell playing, just not right mid!
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