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  1. That honour currently goes to Neil Emblem.. although he did end up making a handful of appearances.
  2. Need some of those casuals in to inject a bit of atmosphere... All for it, me.
  3. My only concern, is midfield. And it's down to recruitment again. Sara is not a holding midfielder, neither is Nunez. Although both, specifically the latter have bags of talent. We needed two strong holding midfielders, but ended up with one who's crocked, and Kenny Mclean, again.
  4. Can't win them all. Showed character to get an equaliser. Unbeaten in 7.
  5. Dowell for Mclean & Hernandez for Ramsey would be my changes.
  6. Horrible news. Scary how quickly it can take hold too, as highlighted by the media coverage of Rob Burrows. Is there a connection with sport? Seems to be on the rise.... Terrific footballer by the way, envied the fact he played for Ipswich.
  7. Blitzkreig. Fuelled by stimulants. Sorry, slight tangent... Doping is prevalent in every professional sport. And most amateur ones too! Sports science? More like ensuring what we do is technically legal!
  8. Really interesting topic. Manchester City have faced allegations of PEDs in the past, and TEU (therapeutic use exemption) abuse. Many other clubs I expect. Regarding asthma, inhalers have been proven to have a performance enhancement effect due to the steroid content. They are easy to get hold of from a GP, often prescribed under 'exercise induced asthma' which is a legitimate condition, although hard to define. So I'm not surprised they are used and abused. What I do find interesting, is the perception society and the media have on 'doping' and sport. Any allegation in sports such as cycling, athletics and boxing is headline news and the perpetrators vilified. But football, it rarely causes a ripple. It's acceptable for footballers to have steroid injections to treat injuries and aid recovery, yet in cycling anything intravenous is illegal. But cycling is the one with the drug problem, due to it's chequered past. If doping in football was properly investigated, and IMO it should be, the authorities would have a real problem. But it won't be, because of the economic value of the sport.
  9. That’s not true though. The atmosphere at other grounds (not all), is much better, with the same constraints.
  10. We’ve had a favourable start. No way we’ll roll the likes of Sheff Utd, Burnley, Watford and West Brom over… and Reading, Bristol City, QPR, Blackburn are a level below but will still prove a sterner test than what we’ve had so far. I think the competition is much harder than our last title win.
  11. Us pro-smith brigade are the reason the team you support are top of the league pal
  12. The only tinpot thing IMO is the people criticising it. The atmosphere at Carrow Road is rubbish. People are trying to do something about it and get flak. It wouldn’t look as ‘tin pot’ if fans got behind it, instead of laughing it off. Too much entitlement within the fan base currently, that’s the problem. It’s rotting away the atmosphere. That’s more embarrassing than any attempt to rectify it.
  13. I’d be surprised if this was the case for any Norwich fan. You enjoy the banter though, fair play. Your online persona adds to the fun on here.
  14. Perhaps our standards don’t drop against stronger teams in the same way? It is crazy, IMO, that Smith gets slaughtered for not winning, despite good performances early in the season, to being criticised for winning but not performing well, to some new hybrid of being questioned when his side win, play well, but have a dodgy 20 minute spell!?! Judge the performance on 90 minutes. But ultimately, judge the Smith and the team on results. Yesterdays was a 3 nil win. Enjoy it!
  15. Everton goal ruled out.. that moment of elation for Everton fans just wiped out for the most marginal of decisions
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