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  1. South_Stand_Canary

    You can change one of these 3. Which would it be?

    Can''t we just get rid of Chops again?

    The messageboard was far nicer without that utter troll..
  2. South_Stand_Canary

    I had a dream

    Wouldn''t worry Greavsy...

    there''s still a nasty "element" on here who see fit to bully and victimise people..
  3. South_Stand_Canary

    I had a dream

    Are you going tonight LDC?

    Fancy a pint? And no not a Morty "pint"- an actual one..

  4. South_Stand_Canary

    Huge well done to you

    I''ll be there tomorrow night- not really sure why..

    Weirdly I''m seeing it as pressure off so I''m going to enjoy spending the day with my mates and watching City play win lose or draw.

    My last away day was Burton so apologies in advance... I''ve only seen 2 away wins all season!
  5. South_Stand_Canary

    Keep yer peckers up!

    Seriously LDC get off your f*cking high horse.

    If people rightly disagree with you that we''re not going up (as the evidence suggests) you act like we''re being negative.

    Please just stop. It''s cringeworthy.

    You going tomorrow night? xx
  6. [quote user="Big Vince"][quote user="JF"]I''m sure there is nothing in it, but we can hope[/quote]

    Rangers fans will have to get used to playing 2 at the back with the centre-backs getting pulled into wide positions so that gaps of Red Sea proportions through the middle allow opponents to practically walk the ball into the net.

    Good luck to them.[/quote]

    Well they love singing about being up their knees in "fenian" blood so they should be used to red seas..
  7. South_Stand_Canary

    Brizzle City away beamback.

    Will TNC be there having "mad bantz" for the camera?

  8. South_Stand_Canary

    OT: PhD research: Online and Offline interaction

    Have you asked yourself the same question, Chops?

  9. South_Stand_Canary

    Lucky it's only Burton Albion up next...

    First away game since mid December for me...

    I''m feeling confident about this. 3-1 Norwich.

  10. South_Stand_Canary

    Team for Newcastle

    Are you going tomorrow Lakey?
  11. South_Stand_Canary

    Best five goals seen at Carrow

    Anyone remember Steen Nedergaard''s corker against Coventry City at Carrow Road?
  12. South_Stand_Canary

    Hollywood beckons!

    [quote user="lake district canary"]"I want to see TG - the motion picture"

    That would be a bit of a bore..........


    Takes one to know one..
  13. South_Stand_Canary

    O/T 'uddersfield and dirty Leeds

    I was looking at the league table earlier and i found myself thinking that top 2 is STILL achievable..

  14. South_Stand_Canary

    Hurrah for the blueshirts !

    [quote user="lake district canary"]They play Brighton, Leeds, Newcastle and Shef Wed. Hope they win them all.


  15. South_Stand_Canary


    [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="South_Stand_Canary"]LDC you cannot take the moral high ground when other posters "bully you" if you do exactly the same back you massive hypocrite..[/quote]I''ve not done anything except show interest in match I can actually get to and what the turn out might be for a long distance mid week match. Or maybe I''ve struck a nerve with you....feeling guilty about not going or something?


    Fancy a pint at Burton?