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  1. Well it seems so, MB doesn''t write things unless he knows. My biggest concern is that we have the management team, whoever they may be, in place before the end of the season so they can rebalance the squad as is needed. A sort out is obviously needed but it needs to be done by someone who has seen the whole squad and judge from there. Having said that, tbh, I wouldn''t be that surprised to see Alan Irvine given the job, not my first choice but can see some sense in it.
  2. GJL I agree with you to an extent. The big question is we don''t ATM know who is coming in. We know its going to be a DOF or whatever with a coach under him. Who they are is yet to be announced, Heckingbottom on his own would fill me with dread, but with someone above him to oversee things, who knows. I suppose its down to the first position being filled as to what we need under him. Personally, I feel that having a DOF and a coach under him undermines the coaches position and doesn''t work. Liverpool early Nineteen springs to mind.
  3. Great for him to score the winner tonight. Scotland should have won by more but it was a great time for them to score. Good result for England as well.
  4. Ah we have a Tyke in our midst. Always likes Barnsley, when ever I''ve seen them they try to play a good style of football with limited resources. Good luck mate.
  5. Ray, maybe there is little choice?
  6. Has he got a twin brother? that could speed things up. Would that be carb(o) loading?
  7. Interesting article. You can see why City would be interested in him, he seems to tick all the boxes we''re looking for.
  8. But would winning something in the 1930''s qualify us to have a star over our badge? Ah, come to think of it there''s certain teams who''ll do that for anything!
  9. Well Ricardo that makes your reports even more impressive. I am not alone in looking forward to your take on a game and also your summation of the mood at Carra Rd. Keep posting, ta.
  10. If only we''d bought Rob Lee, we could have had a star on our shirt.
  11. MP wrote; Not saying it was but we''re probably going to end up no more than a couple of wins from being in the play-offs and we could have achieved that with an earlier decision on the Manager. Yea, agree MP, was all for him to go earlier as well. Damn frustrating but let''s see how the players perform over the next couple of games. Was it down to Neil or the players, both, IMO, but its ultimately down to the manager.
  12. Thanks Ricardo, great report as usual. Question though, do you make notes during the game or write it from memory? I would struggle to keep a first half in chronological order let alone a whole game and would need many a prompt.
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