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  1. It''s a very depressing How much longer must we endure the unendurable Deal with the undealable Accept the unacceptable How long before the second coming?
  2. Am making the effort to go to this one. He needs to play a full strength squad to get some confidence back into the team and hopefully steal a win That said if he doesn''t and having travelled that distance late at night that will be the end of him for me.
  3. It is inevitable that we will be unless he is sacked straight away
  4. Neil sounded like a broken man yesterday after the game it''s now just a matter of time. Didn''t have a plan B tactically didn''t have a clue. No passion to get an equaliser it was bad really bad yesterday no wonder the crowd boo''d loudly at the end of the game
  5. They may come in for our manager again
  6. You could feel the crowd start to turn yesterday. The loudest boo at the end of the game since the Hughton era The clock is ticking it''s now just a matter of time and thank God there is a ready made replacement in the wings Not all is lost provided the board act quickly
  7. One undeniable stat yesterday was how truly awful Russell Martin was he barely completed a pass all day. Got caught out of position regularly never one a second ball. If he stays in the team any longer then Neil had lost the plot
  8. With the finances involved in the premier league short term considerations are paramount I am afraid he will be gone before the end of the season as sure as night follows day
  9. Neil must win 2 out of the 3 next league games or that has to be it for me. Can''t do it against the easier teams must now prove he can against the big boys
  10. He was like a rabbit in the head lights today. No plan B paralysed with fear. Only 1 sub All very disappointing and starting to feel like Hughton all over again
  11. Today the Carra turned the Boo at the end the atmosphere in the second half hopefully the players realise their efforts are totally unacceptable Time for a change of leadership and direction to get the club back on track
  12. Its looking very very bleak Only the Messiah can save us now
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