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  1. I''d go with the same team, but with Jerome in for Lafferty. Which is slightly harsh on Lafferty as I actually thought he was our best player in the first half. But Jerome was given an opportunity and he took it with both hands.
  2. Does anyone know any site that is pretty much guaranteed to stream every Norwich game? I watched the game yesterday on Wiziwig but I don''t know if they stream every game. When we were in the Prem I would use first row sports, which would always show our games, but now we''re out of the Premier League I was wondering where I could watch any games? Cheers guys
  3. I reckon our ratings for Fifa 15 will be: Ruddy 77 Whittaker 71 Cuellar 71 Johnson 72 Martin 73 Turner 73 Grabban 73 Howson 73 Lafferty 72 Jerome 72 Hooper 74 Hooiveld 71 Bunn 69 Hoolahan 74 Miquel 69 Loza 62 E.Bennett 71 Garrido 70 Josh Murphy 65 Redmond 74 Olsson 74 R.Bennett 72 Jacob Murphy 61 Rudd 68 Tettey 73 O''Neil 70 Bassong 73 VOO 73
  4. Loved it, it would be great to watch it come the end of the season if we do get promoted.
  5. I much prefer the cross bar challenge to that zorb race shite.
  6. No. There will be a lot of twists and turns this year yes but it would be an absolute disaster of a season to finish 7th or lower.
  7. I think we should have a clear first choice (Ruddy), an established 2nd choice (Bunn), and then a young lad from the academy as 3rd choice (Matthews). I personally would loan Rudd out when Bunn gets back from injury.
  8. I certainly don''t think that Russell Martin at centre back is a liability. His positioning is fantastic, and his interceptions and slide tackling aren''t bad either. The only thing that lets him down is his aerial ability, as we''ve seen so far this season, and as proven in the Scotland - Germany game. Yes Thomas Muller has beaten a lot better players than Russell Martin in the air, but do I think that that is a routine cross for someone like Turner or Ryan Bennett.
  9. I think we''ll see a back 4 of: Olsson----Hooiveld----Turner----Martin
  10. I think that Kolin Kob is actually showing us Ricky van Wolfswinkel''s contribution to Norwich City.
  11. Good to see him nominated, but don''t think he will win it. I personally would give it to Jackett, but I think Pearce will get it.
  12. I think Martin is the better right back, but I do rate Whittaker. Certainly at this level. Going forward I would say Whittaker is just better, and the ability he has to use either foot is a great asset for him. That all said though Martin is better defensively, as was proven as it was Whittaker''s fault that Callum Wilson was completely unmarked for Bournemouth''s goal last week. I''ve never heard anyone say he''s an awful player. He''s nothing special but he''s certainly good enough to be first choice in the Championship.
  13. To be honest I''ve lost a lot of interest in England games since Hodgson took over. The majority of our games are boring and lack any sort of free-flowing football despite some of the quality players that we have in our squad.
  14. [quote user="mrs miggins"]Because the system we''re playing makes us good, but not a real solid powerhouse[/quote] But we''re only 5 games in. We''re not gonna play as well as we possibly can for a few games yet, simply because we''ve had a lot of new players come in and out, as well as a new manager. Plus we''re in a whole new league with totally different challenges each week compared to last season. When we get into our stride I expect us to rip apart teams, not every week, but certainly I expect us to completely control games. I think the current system we play definitely allows us to do this.
  15. [quote user="Yarmy Charlie"]To accommodate 2 up front and Wes behind, could we go 3 at the back or too risky? Martin, turner, Hooiveld. - Bennett, Johnson, Wes, Tettey, Olsson. - Lafferty, Grabban. In a 3412 / 3232 type thing. I dunno, I''m just glad I''m not Neil Adams.[/quote] There''s not enough pace between that back 3 to play 3 centre backs. Don''t get why we need to try and find a new system, the one we have at the moment is working fine.
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