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  1. About to sign on loan to West brom part of the rondon deal, usually good for championship goals, West brom paying hefty 2 million fee too
  2. Great debut for his toon debut, 2 goals, first one six minutes after coming on. Great way to start off
  3. The lola stream asks for premium if using mobile device
  4. Only downside is as most seats are taken you need someone to move in order to free up space to move yours, not so bad if you go on your own
  5. https://youtu.be/B-eBvv_40yQ Seems like a character
  6. Watched the atomic ant play at Carra rud when he was on loan at Parma, top quality player
  7. Not prolific but Has good attributes for a number 9, Adam szalai would be available knock down price after spending last season out on loan Been impressed when seen him play Really makes the ball stick, and a proper unit
  8. Nice finish goal number 2 http://youtu.be/7x1IvFjUufs
  9. Not Norwich related a know, but one of our rivals, maybe that want a go at being linked with unrealistic Italian transfer targets!!
  10. Thanks for posting on the message board, saves reading papers and missing out on rumours Good job it is for messages and not a fact board or some people may get on your back
  11. He is a player I would love us to sign.
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