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  1. Was born in Cyprus. To be fair, would he have made it into the England team.... heh
  2. Yeah this is true. I''ve heard it''s 11am on 16th August that he''s signing books
  3. He doesn''t work at the club. He became Brand Ambassador for a new social network site that is in BETA called SoccerHubb. Seems good, like Facebook but purely for football. Definitely going to start using this.
  4. It''s not even funny. Just cringey. If club''s want to be different, why not go like Iran did this WC. Having the leopard (I think it was a leopard) on their kit to make people aware of the declining species...
  5. Aha actually laughed out loud. True though
  6. Agreed. Without an overhaul and huge injection of money to attract new expensive players, massive sponsorship deals like that aren''t going to come. We either moan about it on forums or get on with it.
  7. Bliley is better. The subtle digs are going to come out now in a war to get each other to chip in £10. Sit back and watch
  8. The wit on here is something to marvel at. My journey has brought me to this...
  9. Bruce isn''t deciding the fee. The managers don''t get much say in the finance. They tell the big boys who they want and then they sort the deals out. Managers don''t deal with that...
  10. I agree with this to an extent. But, players need to be completely comfortable playing each formation there team is thinking of using. So, changing formation for each team may be more of a hindrance than help.
  11. Aha true. A bit of fabrication to get the ''backwards Norfolk folk who will believe anything'' talking.
  12. I''d probably agree with that, although I have no real experience to base it off. I think the two muck throwers here actually like each other really and are just putting on a show for the rest of us
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