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  1. How is waveney chap you keep mentioning I am sure he is just a myth like the tooth fairy, father Xmas etc
  2. The loyal fans continue to be loyal while the plastics are disappearing fast. Amazing how our so called fans from abroad have disappeared since relegation.
  3. It''s just so sad to see how far we have fallen. From the Messiah who could walk on water to having a radio commentator taking over. Has a club ever fallen so far so quickly?
  4. It will be no laughing matter that at the end of September we will be in the relegation zone due to appointing a radio commentator as gaffer. Mark my words we are going to hell in a hand cart.
  5. I bet Lambert even with all his free signings will end next season higher up the football league places than the Radio Commentator
  6. I am in danger of being repetitive but you are barking. Seriously you need help.
  7. What surprises me is how unconnected they are to the club. Nursey, Dennis, wyett all get exclusives on the club. All archant do is rehash other people''s stories.
  8. I would like to make it absolutely clear that I am the official numbpty on this board. Anyone taking my crown will result in legal action
  9. ^^^ seriously I am starting to worry about this geezers mental health. His obsession with wiz is getting out of hand.
  10. That''s not a bad idea. The Messiah likes the villa CEO. Mcnasty comes from the midlands. Actually it''s a brilliant idea. I will email bowkett in the morning with the suggestion
  11. Villa are a club in crisis off the pitch with no money to spend he has worked wonders. The man is a genius. Had he built on his work we would be challenging for a European place by now. McNally has a lot to answer for
  12. [quote user="Herman "]It''s the truth though. And he had the bottle to try and keep us up, unlike your hero.[/quote] We would have been comfortably top half had mcnasty no forced him out
  13. [quote user="TCCANARY"] Hughton''s legacy is that he kept us in the Prem for that extra year and we paid off our (external) debts. [/quote] What an odd view of his time in charge. Truely bizarre
  14. Pre season is about installing a winning mentality in the team. It we have a poor pre season we should get rid before awful Adams can do any harm
  15. There CEO has now gone it''s just a matter of time before a new owner is found they bring in their own manager. The return of the Messiah is just around the corner. The broadcaster gone by end of September and Lambert in to take us back to the promised land! You read it here first
  16. The man is a professional broadcaster of course he can spin a message. His record in the prem shows his ability as a coach. It will all end in tears very quickly mark my words
  17. [quote user="NCFCgardener"]Fulham agree £11m fee according to SkySports.... £11m!!!!!! Always knew Leeds were dirty but this is daylight robbery! Crazy, crazy fee![/quote] And we go after a kid from coventry and don''t get him. Shows the difference in ambition!
  18. He destroyed the legacy left by our greatest ever manager and left us with a demotivated useless rabble. Compound that with appointing the local radio commentator an ex binner and we are screwed. Never has a club fallen so quickly since Portsmouth
  19. I thought this was going to be a thread about how quickly snoddy deserted us after relegation
  20. [quote user="chuggs"]Thank goodness some one got back to the thread about Rhodes after reading 2 pages about Snodgrass, get over it great business by the club, so do you think we will go back in for Rhodes? I would be well happy to see Hooper go whuch would then generate the extra money for Rhodes. :)[/quote] Thanks Chuggs I am one of the few posters who never sends a thread off topic
  21. No matter how many goals he could score for us he is unacceptable. Get real he is an ex binner. It is bad enough we have one on the management team as well as putting one on the pitch!
  22. ^^^^^^ I would love some of what ever this geezer is on ^^^^*
  23. [quote user="The Butler"] With a committee made up of Mcnally,Adams,Martin and the new guy from Fulham it''s easy to see who will get their own way! Mr Mac finally getting ALL the control he wanted. I only hope  he is as good as he thinks he is.   [/quote]   Hell in a hand cart we are going to hell in a hand cart. I didnt think it could get worse tham under hapless hughton. How wrong was I.
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