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  1. Go fetch Goreham a coffee and some biscuits Neil , theres a good boy make yourself useful .
  2. Well he did say in a interview in the Argus that " he had loved every minute at Norwich and would be forever grateful for the chance to play in the Premier League " Sounds like a player who wont be coming back to me .
  3. I think Delia wanted Adams to have that job from the moment she saw the kids lift the FA youth cup , nobody else however qualified had a hope in hell .If Adams was the standout candidate the question must be what the hell were we looking for .
  4. [quote user="STFU"]Care to explain how come we were top after games 7, 9, 10 and 11 this season then Cheap Cheap? Probably nothing to do with the manager eh?[/quote]Every team gets a little bit of luck and in just about all those games we were one or two down and heading for defeat , no nothing to do with the manager who is worse than Gunn in fact i would say he is worse than a carboard cutout . Russell Martin would still be playing centre half if not for fan and press pressure ,same with Hooper , left to rot by clueless  but with him scoring at the weekend he will hve to start Saturday so now the clown is bigging him up like he has just discovered this great striker , we all knew he was 5 classes above garbage Grabban what has taken numpty so long to work it out .Sooner he is sacked the better , trouble is now he will try to claim any success under Phelan as his own , 100% fraud .
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Well it seems Bolton scoured the universe before coming up with a shortlist of Hughton, Mowbray, Mackay and Lennon. Lennon came out top in the interviews but then lost to a team coached by a radio commentator in the practical. Who''d have thought it....     [/quote]And how would have the clown that is Adams have got on if he had the Bolton squad and Lennon the City one  ???  Wake yourself up and stop pretending Adams can manage because its clear to everybody that he cannot and never will do .
  6. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Let''s look at these stats then......2010/2011 Championship season after 18 games we had 27 points and been beaten 5 times. Fast forward to this season and guess what 18 games have yielded 27 points and we have been beaten 5 times.                           [/quote]Yes only then we had a newly promoted league 1 side that were doing great , now we have a multi million pound squad being mismanaged by the man off the radio .
  7. A lot of people thought he was a decent sort who would fall on his own sword , not a chance he will stick like glue however much he is damaging the promotion cause , money and ego come before the club. No different to all the others except most of them did have some managerial credentials .
  8. Who thinks Adams will ever manage again once he is fired by Norwich ?  never was a manager never will be one , a Delia Smith hands on fuck up of the highest order.
  9. Would you really want the man who spent the best part of £7 million on Grabban and Lafferty given anymore funds ?
  10. Its not December yet and by dropping points at home to most of the poor sides in the league the chances of promotion are fast vanishing down the drain , too many fans nowadays who just want to applaud anything this club throws at them . Adams should never have got the job , he is doing worse than even his greatest supporters could have feared , he should have been sacked weeks ago , he should be sacked this weekend and the sooner Delia does one the better .
  11. Forbes is a complete idiot , says if things are still the same come Feb March time we should consider a change then , surely promotion would be long gone . Wont have a word said against Adams ,Board or players a waste of time having somebody so biased on there .
  12. [quote user="Cheap Cheap Canaries"][quote user="Nuff Said"]Is sacking Robson and appointing Phelan not a change then?[/quote]Its a change but appointing another guy with no managerial experience is just taking another gamble .[/quote]Sorry thats if you replace Adams with Phelan
  13. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Is sacking Robson and appointing Phelan not a change then?[/quote]Its a change but appointing another guy with no managerial experience is just taking another gamble .
  14. [quote user="Tony Cottee Woz Ere . . ."]A defeat today for the greater good please.[/quote]I have them down for a home win on my fixed odds coupon but Burnley look as if they are going to end any chance of any winnings so i would gladly take a defeat to get shot of Adams (he is worse than Gunn )
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