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Hull City Tigers

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I guess many of you will have heard about Dr Allam''s wish to drop both the ''City'' and ''AFC'' from Hull City''s name and rebrand them as Hull City Tigers. I don''t like the idea of that, nor do I like the goings on at Cardiff.I think this is one of those times to put team loyalties aside and do something for the greater good of football. Pop over to http://www.citytillwedie.com/ and sign their petition. Their twitter and facebook info is all on there too.Here''s part of an email I sent to them, it goes a little of the way to explaining my feelings on the subject......

Dear Hull City AFC fans,As a life long Norwich City fan I''ve

never really had any affinity with your club. To me you were nothing

like Ipswich or Man Utd who I both hate with a passion, and there was no

reason at all for me to love you. To be honest I just didn''t really

care about you one way or the other. As you will see from this email,

that has all changed somewhat.When I first heard Dr Allam''s

comment that he didn''t like the name City as he found it too common, I

found myself thinking what a fool he was to say something like that. I

also like my club being a ''City'', and that he obviously didn''t have a

clue what he was going on about.When his latest comments about

you all being hooligans and wanting you all to die hit the media I

couldn''t believe what I was reading! I can''t help but think just

how lucky us Norwich lot are to have our beloved Delia. Ok she had that

infamous drunken rant at us from the pitch but my god, she''d never do

anything to destroy our heritage.I dread the day she either sells her stake or passes away, fingers crossed that she''s immortal!I''d

hate us to have a foreign owner with no real feeling for the club I

love. I''d hate us to be a rich mans plaything that he feels like he can

do what he likes with. Heaven forbid we have an owner that

thinks ''City'' is to common, so decides to call us the Norwich Canaries.

Oh wait a minute, how can we market a Canary globally?? Let''s ditch the

Canary and pick a far superior and more marketable bird. I know.....

The Norwich Falcons. What if this nightmare situation was to be even

worse? What if this owner didn''t really like yellow and decided to

change our shirts to that colour which is feared and hated by us Norfolk

folk.... Scum Blue.The thing that worries me is that within the

modern football world, that scenario is entirely possible. My team

could end up as the Norwich Falcons, playing in blue. Yuk.This

is why I fully support your #NoToHullTigers campaign. I''ve signed your

petition, and I''ll encourage more Norwich fans to do the same.

I then just gave them a campaign suggestion, which doesn''t need to go on here.I''d be distraught if anything like that was to happen to our club.

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I guess that''s what happens when you run your club into the ground financially. We were very close to that. The owner (clue in the name) can do what he wants, surely he doesn''t want to just lose money?

I do sympathise with the fans as i''d not want it at Norwich, but it''s not up to them unless they are prepared to pump money into the club. The only thing they can do is vote with their feet.

How about they give back Tom Huddlestone, Curtis Davies and premiership football in order to keep the name Hull City. How many of the fans would be prepared to do that?

Personally, i think it''s a bad business move but I guess the owner has a method to his madness. Gone are the days where you can pay your £10 at the gate and that sorts your clubs finances out. It''s a big time game now and if you think the money is ruining it, go follow R*gby

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There are various oddities about this. Firstly, he is not some foreign owner out of nowhere. He has lived in Hull for about 45 years.

Secondly, the idea that this name change will help make Hull a money-spinning global brand is pretty far-fetched. I am not sure he believes that.

There is a plausible conspiracy theory that this is all aimed at putting pressure on the local council to sell him the stadium.

He wants to expand its capacity and its commercial activities, and that is where he might get in serious extra revenue. So far the council has refused to sell.

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the sad thing for Hull is that they are doing ok this season.. the better they do the easier it will be for allam.


if they get relegated he wont care one bit, will he take his money and run?

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I can appreciate how the fans feel but I do think that''s it''s a bit short sighted of them to think protests and petitions will change anything. Whether it''s right or wrong, good or bad Premiership level football is a business and in order to be a successfull business you have to make money. In business any competative advantage you can get should be exploited. In the last five years just look at the amout of clubs that changed the name of their stadiums - this is just the next step.

Of course the name change will go against the romanticism and heritage of the club and it is natural that some fans will feel agrieved. But fans cancelling season tickets will have little effect on Dr Allam or the club. As with us I would imagine that there''s a fairly big queue for season tickets and there will always be bums to fill seats.

We are lucky that the people who own our club are also fans but who knows what may happen in ten years time. My kids may be supporting Norwich Falcons at the Pepsi Max Stadium. Yes that would be a shame but unfortunately it''s a by-product of being successful.  


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There''s some stuff in this week''s Private Eye about Hull. The gist being that Allam is merely offsetting losses at Hull City against profit''s at Allam Marine ... as they are all in the same group of companies. Of course that would simply be an unforeseen by product of Allam''s unselfish desire to ''pump money into the club''.As with our impoverished neighbours Allam seems very keen on getting hold of the freehold of the stadium from the council. Why this should be who can tell. Maybe, as with the paupers, this could also be part of this ''utilisation of tax losses from group companies''.What a shame we don''t have one of these ''hinvestors'' and so have to struggle along without the benefits of tens and tens of millions of debt - and are stuck with owning our own ground.Poor old us.

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[quote user="Jimmy Smith"] Gone are the days where you can pay your £10 at the gate and that sorts your clubs finances out. It''s a big time game now and if you think the money is ruining it, go follow R*gby[/quote]

I do think the money is ruining football, but rugby??  If you like seeing people knocked over all the time and a "ball" that isn''t a "ball", then I suppose you could make a case for it.   Still, at least its not as bad as.............cricket. [S]

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