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Transfer Targets

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I would like to see a couple of players from each position (except goalkeepers).






Butt (bit ambitious)
Pennant (again bit ambitious)


Lua Lua
Marcus Bent

Email me at mg2beechwood@aol.com or post replies and tell me wat u fink!

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Some good choices. However can I add a couple of columns:

"Unrealisic"- Barthez, Butt, Ziege, Cameron, Litmanen, Kanu, Sutton, Primus, Bernard, Bowyer

The reasons I''ve labelled them unrealistic is because of either wages (barthez, Litmanen, Kanu, Butt) or because their clubs would never let them go (Ziege, Cameron, Primus, Sutton) and a seperate reason for Bowyer because he is the biggest #### in football today.

"Not good enough"- Dabizas, Dunne, Sherringham, Dickov

I''ve always thought Dunne as a bit of a donkey and I''d have said the others were too old.

However, I liked a lot of your choices. McPhail at leeds would be good, as would Bellion. i really rate partridge as a Nationwide winger but would he be able to cut it in the Prem? I also (for my sins) like Marcus Bent as a player. Leicester won''t be able to afford him in the Nationwide and I reckon less than 500K would snatch him from the scum.

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Interesting post Rude one. But some of these I would definately disagree with;

Barthez - Not good enough!

Keown - Too Old

Poyet - Too Old

Sherringham - Far Too Old
Lua Lua - 2 Million? Way out of our reach
Dickov - No No No

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Here are my thoughts on this;


Douglas - uh huh.
Sullivan - good as an understudy to Green, he is also getting on a bit (32-35)
Stack - I see where you are coming from.
Barthez - Would be class as he is underated due to Man U, but wages would be a no-no.


Keown - too old
Primus - not much younger
Cygan - good if he could improve his consistancy but is also about third or fourth choice so no
Dunne -
Breen - about the same age as primus who is a little older than Malky and Fleming
Bernard - yeah, but price and wages
Huth - I like this one, another young player and one we may actually have a chance at getting
Dabizas - another pushing towards the end of his career, maybe good to strengthen the sqd


Butt (bit ambitious) - never rated him. He can tackle and fight but little else
Cooper - I am yet to be totally convinced but if he is on the cheap lets give him a shot
McPhail - I can see where you are coming from, possibly worth a shot
Bellion - I doubt we could get him from Man U on anything more than a loan an he is a striker
Ziege - Naturally a left back I believe, has been crocked for a while and is also quite old
Pennant (again bit ambitious) - not really, if Leeds go down then we could get him on loan
Stanic - another oldie, and again he has been out all season due to injury
Bowyer - been a bit ropey this season for me, but worth a shot I guess, wages may be prob
Cisse - very unlikely indeed!
Harley - what jon of fulham formally of chelsea, hes a left-back I thought. good idea i guess
Partridge - poss
Petit - a bit of a risk but maybe a good risk
Cameron - poss
Poyet - too old
Barmby - like it, good idea
Litmanen - maybe a bit of a risk


Sherringham - past it, sign him as an accadamy coach though and Jarvis may pick sum up
Crouch - too expencive and is scoring to many goals for Villa now
Lua Lua - doubt we could find the dosh
Kanu - it would mean a bit of a struggle to find the money for his wages, seems a bit lazy too
Sutton - I could only dream of seeing sutton return, but again wages
Dickov - yeah, hmm, not likely.
Jeffers - please, the guy was good for one season and has failed to get anywhere near again
Marcus Bent - perhaps but a fat lot of good he did for walkers

I think that Worthington will be taking a trip to the European tornament this season to see who he can spot and meet up with out there. There is bound to be a lot of good players available cheaply or on frees out there.

Also, how about a shot at getting Rivaldo? I know he may have high wage demands but if Bolton can afford to offer him something then there is a chance we can too. We have a better airport for a start!

And I wouldnt mind Suttons little brother who banged in twenty something goals in scot div 1. Give him a little while and see if he is up to it at that level and then perhaps take a risk on him at christmas before the transfer deadline.

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Who would I like to see us sign? Well......

Goalie- Stack, Shabaan (one)

Defenders- Huth, Ross, Griffen, Riggot, (two)

Midfielders- Bryan Hughes, Pennant, Petit, Gabiddon, Bellion, (two)

Forwards- Lua-Lua, Crouch, Ashton, Blake, Marcus Bent (One)

6 would do it for me.

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Keown / Sherringham far too old.

Jeffers and Bowyer I wouldn''t go for simply because I don''t think their attitudes would be welcome in a club like ours...

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Sorry Rude Boy, but I think at least half of the names you mentioned I wouldn´t touch with a bargepole, they are either too old, poorly motivated or just unable to add to the team spirit that there is at the club.

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sorry but Gabiddon is a central defender

I just would like to see a couple of solid young loan players

look at carlton cole at charlton or forsell

i think that is the way forward not players like petit or keown he is well past it

I think stack would be tricky to get but what about go for stuart taylor instead

I think cisse from birmingham would not be the way forward to be honest

I think we should maybe looking in division 1 etc what about robbie blake from burnley i know he has not played top flight footy but look at that john stead who blackburn signed from div 3

these players must be out there at a cheaper price than paying over the hill players 20 or 30 k a week and nice signing on packages

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How about David Johnson. From forest?! He''s a quality striker, just look how much Forest have missed him. Also i think that Tim Cahill from Millwall would be a good signing. great midfielder. Does anyone think we could get Andy Johnson from Crystal Palace if they don''t go up?!

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OK, here''s my take on the whoel transfer thing.

Goalkeepers (ambitious)
- Neil Sullivan (though he''s probably on a good wage at Chelsea)
- Graham Stack (not sure if he''d want to come here to be second choice though)

Goalkeepers (realistic)
- Paul (?) Smith (from Brentford, was on trial at Southampton earlier this season - v. highly rated)

Defenders (ambitious)
- Robert Huth (on loan if we''re lucky)
- Martin Keown (wages a problem, but he does play with passion, and has Premiership experience)

Defenders (realistic)
- Andy Griffin (looks good, versatile, might be cheap)
- Darren Purse (Birmingham - nobody''s mentioned him yet, but would be ideal to challenge Malky / Flem for a position)
- Maurice Ross (more cover / challenge, but this time for Edworthy)

Midfielders (ambitious)
- Jermaine Pennant (again, on loan if we''re lucky)
- David Bellion (ditto, but has lots of pace, can play right wing)
- Muzzy Izzet (on a free, Premiership experience - no transfer fee = higher wages available)

Midfielders (realistic)
- Kevin Cooper (looks handy, has he got the pace for the Premiership though?)
- Steven McPhail (might be looking to leave Leeds now that they''re down)
- Brian Hughes (again, has experience, and is versatile - any better than what we''ve got though?)

Forwards (ambitous)
- Robert Earnshaw (probably pricey, but looks a Premiership player, might be looking to move on)
- Shola Ameobi (again, would be expensive, but he looks quality, and is frustrated at lack of first team chances at Newcastle)

Forwards (realistic)
- Peter Crouch (nothing new to say here, it''s all been said)
- Marcus Bent (within our price range, Adams has said he won''t stand in the way of any of his players that want to leave. Definite possibility)
- John Sutton (would love it here, scored for fun in Scotland. Would Millwall be willing to let him go though, so soon after signing him?)

Should be an interesting summer!

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I don''t think we''ll sign a permanent back-up goalkeeper for Robert Green...we don''t want to be paying wages for someone to sit on the bench...we''ll dip into the loan market when it is necessary.

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D D I like most of your selections, but due to our lack of finances and a need to bolster the defensive attributes by way of speed and earlier interception of attacks No 1 Huth No2 Mc Phail No3 Cooper, he will have something to prove to Mr Jones and as Nigel says he is very neat on the ball reads the game well and gets on well with all the others.

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I disagree Mr Carrow, we need a permanent back-up to Greenie, and I think it should be....Johnny Walker (NOT the DJ) from the Metrostars, just broken into the US team, young, agile, solid(a bit like Greenie really), and won''t break the bank. I think we''ll go this way because if Greenie goes to Euro 2004 and plays (which I think he will) as soon as the big clubs see him that will be it, lets be honest I would''t swap him for Dudek,Howard and certainly not Leahman! And there is our problem, I''ve got this horrible feeling Arsenal will bid for him in the summer, no doubt it will be "silly money" so we must have a quality back-up, not some old has-been. I hope I''m wrong but that''s my big worry.

Also other players(and I''ve posted this before on other boards) look to the MLS, especially
Landon Donovan
Carlos Ruis (before anyone else realises how good he is)
Pat Noonan

Looking forward to next season. We''ll be on Fox World Sports, so exiles like myself will be able to see live games at last!

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