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  1. i have a hunch he''s going to stay and be given a chance in the prem. easton, sinclair, crichton and roberts have been told they can leave, and i think he''d have been told already if he was on his way out. i for one would like to see him given one last chance.
  2. just read on the bbc website that michael tarnat is being allowed to leave man city on a bosman, but wants to stay in the premiership. apparently he was one of city''s better performers this season. i havent seen much of him, but does anyone else know much about the guy?
  3. oh, come on, there should be no objection to players simply because of their nationality. i admit, i''d have reservations about taking on an african player who''d never played in europe before, but africans tend to adjust far better to english football than most european imports, largely because, i believe, with there beng few leagues of note in the african continent, they have the knowedge drummed into them from an early age that if they are going to make it big in the game, versatility is essential. plus, any player able to make the step up from african to continental football should not find the transition from continental to english football a bridge too far. leave your xenophobia behind, olster, we live in the 21st century
  4. mcphail is a no no. he has no stomach for a relegation battle
  5. liverpool, we won 1-0, with a david phillips penalty, at the tailend of that glorious 1992/3 season. the liverpool keeper ot sent off, i think it was a young daid james but cant remember. can anyone fill me in with any more details ie. who was playing etc., hopeto jog some nostalgic memories.
  6. no. we should certainly give him a runout, but not from the start. 45 mins would be great though. hopefully we''ll be able to give him a full runout in the last game of the season. we might not all be able to see it, but i''m sure it would still mean a lot to him. we should treat crewe like his testimonial though, cos he''s not going to get one.
  7. fatman fat, i think theres still a fair chance of crouch returning. if you read the recent pinkun piece it makes it very clear that hes very fond of norwich. villa have 7 strikers last time i checked (luke moore, stefan moore, dublin, crouch, allback, angel and vassell) and so are unlikely to be able to guarantee all of these regular games. plus, if they get into europe therell be a fair bit of squad strengthening going on. if they don''t get rid of crouch then maybe they would sell dublin for cheap. he could do a similar job for us on a one yer contract maybe. probably past it though
  8. when was darren huckerby ever a ''sensible'' suggestion, though?
  9. was sad to see him go. it would have been nice to see him follow in the footsteps of shackell, jarvis and easton. oh well, lets hope joe lewis can be the next big breakthrough.
  10. lets all bring our cheeseboardsfor the first game of the premiership sason and completely confuse the opposition.
  11. nevertheless lescott is a player we should DEFINITELY look at. also at wolves, maybe jody craddock and henri camara.
  12. sheringham is past it. redknapp has managed to squeeze the last few drops from him, but hes not gotmuch more to give.
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